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Pick Up Magic Trick + Explanation – How to amaze girls in the bar with magic ►SteveCarlin.TV

50 euro. That’s nice dude. Is the money inside yours aswell? No nothing, because you are the magician and I am not. I going to show you a magic trick. With some beer mats. Pick one please. Have a look if it’s normal. Here i got another one. Have a look. Can you please do…

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Basically I’m Gay

(sighs) – Hello Internet. (inhales deeply) (dramatic suspenseful music) – Sex! Secrecy! And a whole lot of internal screaming. Starring Daniel Howell. One of the greatest mysteries of our generation. What is Dan’s sexuality? Spoiler alert. I’m not straight. Sex, the foundation of life and the only thing we’re really supposed to do. Everyone’s obsessed…

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Quick D: The Magic of Will Tsai

Look! Up in the news feed! It’s a bird! It’s a dictator! No! It’s… A bird saluting a dictator through a simple visual effect I explained ten years ago in my first video! And one thing you need to know about me is that I never repeat myself. Today’s topic is magic. The f-five categories…

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