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I Was Wrong About Portkeys in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

(T/N: The video will start in few seconds.) Hey y’all, I’m James Wright and welcome back to Wizards News and today I want to talk about Portkeys again, because what I said last time, apparently there are a few issues with it. So let’s dive in and… …take a look at some really fun things…

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5 Most Dangerous Magic Tricks Finally Revealed II Interesting Facts In Telugu || Telugu facts

5 Most Dangerous Magic Tricks Finally Revealed Interesting Facts In Telugu Telugu facts

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Can You Pass These Mind Tricks?

guys welcome to can you pass these mind tricks part 2 lets get started baby go check the link below where I done part 1 but basic mind tricks are hard to see but when you see the answer your like how did I not get that And that’s why we’re doing that, ’cause you…

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– Optical illusion number one: I actually have long, flowing dreadlocks. I wish. So optical illusions have fascinated humanity since, well, forever. And they’ve gotten more intense over the years as certain people have figured out ways to trick our eyes that trick our brains into thinking something’s there that isn’t. So I’ve gather some…

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Audio Illusions That Will Freak You Out

Tal:We’ve seen some optical illusions before on this channel Past Tal: are you looking at this chair front or maybe the back WHAT Present Tal: are the dots changing color? Yes, yes,they are all around the place.They look like big little bugs This is Adele upside down.If you flip the photo AHH But there are…

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Brain Tricks To Fool Your Friends

– I hate brain tricks. God (bleep) it. What is this? Witchery? – Just one more, just one more. This alliteration might fool some people. Ask someone, “What is the word spelled S-H-O-P?” What is the word spelled S-H-O-P? – Shop. – Shop. – Then ask them, “What do you do “when you come to…

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10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind Hi guys! The nature of optical illusions is that they make impossible things seem possible. We’re used to what s around us in the world we live and often don’t even notice how our mind plays tricks on us. In reality, the principle of optical illusion is…

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Which Country Has a National Wizard? RIF 67

When the Arctic Monkeys formed, none of them could play a musical instrument. If you ate in a different New York eatery every day for 12 years, you still wouldn’t have visited all of the city’s restaurants. Lizards can’t breathe and walk at the same time. Coyotes in the US have learnt how traffic lights…

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Mind-Blowing Illusions That Trick Multiple Senses

Okay, take a look at this optical illusion. Are the lines parallel… or not? What about this one? Is the black line a continuation of the red line, or the blue line? Or if it’s misaligned, which direction does it have to move in to be in line with the red one? These are examples…

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