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Masha and The Bear – Home Alone (Episode 21)

Oh, wow! What? Is it Christmas again? Oh! Bear is probably still sleeping. Oh, we need to wake up our Bear! Bear! Wake up now! Bear! Are you not going to celebrate Christmas! But there will be presents. No, this will not do at all. I will decorate everything in no time. Oh, I am…

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Masha and The Bear – Home-Grown Ninjas (Episode 51)

Home-Grown Ninjas You won’t catch me! You won’t get it! Na na na na, na naa naaaa! And no, you didn’t catch me! And no, you didn’t get it! Na na, na na naaaa! Oops. Oops. Ne-ah, this is really too much! Neen-who? Ninja? And who is that? A! Cannot see them, cannot catch them!…

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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – Hard Times (HD)

Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom of elves and fairies. Everyone who lives here is very, very small. I’m Ben Elf! And I’m Princess Holly! – Come on! Let’s play! – Wait for us! Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Today’s adventure starts at the little castle. Hard Times Food delivery! Oh, hello…

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“Magic Christmas Castle” | Leni’s Christmas – Part Three | Fun Cartoon For Kids

Wheee—! (Giggle) Ugh! Derek: What’s that?! Leni: It must be the door to the Magic Christmas Castle…! Wow—! Leni: I heard the door only opens once a year on Christmas Eve. And we found it! Let’s go! Leni: Here I go! (Whoa—!) Derek: My turn! (Whee—!) Becky: Here I go! (Whoa—!) (Whoa—! Whee—!) Hello. My…

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Everything about 3 Legendary Fairy Tail Magic

What’s up guys and welcome back to Real Tail As you know, Fairy Tail has 3 Geat Fairy Magic. They are Fairy law, Fairy Glitter and Fairy Shpere. So today I’m going to tell you everything about these 3 great magic. Now let’s get started 1. Fairy Law. Fairy Law is one of three great…

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Masha and The Bear – Jam Day (Episode 6)

Bear! Check out what I can do! Hop! Great! Oh, wow! Easy now! Yummy, yummy. Something’s missing though. Maybe add some salt? Boo! Bear! Look at me! I’m an astronaut! All systems go! We have lift-off! Phew! Ouch! My ears, my ears! I think my ears are OK. Let me help you. Bear, I’ll come…

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Fairies Learn Camouflage Magic! | Through The Fairy Door Season 1, Episode 8

– Willow Wand Booster. Willow Wand Booster! I’ve got a Camouflage Booster! How excited are you on a scale of one to cheery cherry blossom, Joy? – Cherry tomatoes? – Cheery cherry tomatoes, surely! Common, Joy! These Camouflage Boosters are really going to help us move around unnoticed. – Yes, I know they’ll be useful….

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Masha and The Bear – Hokus-Pokus (Episode 25) New video for kids 2016

This weather is bad I barely made it here! And what are we reading here? OK, OK. Which hocus-pocus should I try first? OK, I think I will start with this one! Bear! Wanna see a magic trick?! OK. Hocus-pocus, one-two-three! Hocus-pocus, one-two-three! Hocus-pocus, one-two-three! I like the singing-dancing in the dark! Bear! My magic…

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How to Make Pixie Dust | DIY Magical Fairy Dust or Pixiedust Tutorial | Fairy Cosplay Prop Bottle

I’ve had a lot of requests for fairy dust lately, and I love to create fairy dust so, I figured why not create more fairy dust tutorials!? This one is going to be a “Spring Green” fairy dust that is oh-so magical! It kind of reminds me of Tinker Bell ironically, so like if you’re…

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“A MAGICAL WORLD” Minecraft Enchanted Oasis Ep 1

Hey everyone welcome to the very first episode of Minecraft Enchanted Oasis! My name is Cupquake and I am super duper excited for season 2 of Oasis. So, before I get started I just wanted to clear anything up for you guys. I released the trailer and I think some of you guys were confused,…

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