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Thank You Notes: Trick-or-Treating, Click Pens

-I was running a bit behind today, so I thought, if you guys wouldn’t mind, I’d just like to write out my weekly thank-you notes right now. Is that cool with you guys? [ Cheers and applause ] I love you. James, can I get some Halloween thank-you-note-writing music, please? Thank you. ♪♪ Perfect. […

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Musical Genre Challenge with Ariana Grande

♪ -Musical genre challenge ♪ -All right, now here’s how it works, okay? We’re gonna take turns hitting this button here, which activates the Random Genre Generator. Or Random Jenre Jenerator. [ Laughter ] It will land on one random song title and one random musical genre. Whoever’s turn it is has to sing that…

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Musical Genre Challenge with Miley Cyrus

♫ -Musical genre challenge ♫ -Here´s how it works. We´re going to take turns hitting this button here, which activates the random genre generator. And it will land on one random song title and one random musical genre. Whoever´s turn it is has to sing that song in that style. Okay? Here´s a microphone for…

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Broadway’s Harry Potter Jamie Parker Does an IRL Magic Trick

-There’s a lot of magic in the show. -Yeah. -We can say that. What can we say about the show? What is “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?” -Well, it’s a story about wizards. -Yeah. -So, those who know the books know that the last book finishes 19 years later. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny…

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Penn & Teller Give a Lesson in Misdirection Using a Vanishing Chicken

-Ladies and gentlemen, Penn and Teller! Oh, my goodness! [ Cheers and applause ] Nice to see you, buddy. Pleasure to see you. -Thank you again. Welcome back to the show. First of all, I want to congratulate you on — you guys have the longest-running headlining act in Las Vegas. -In history. -In history….

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Benedict Cumberbatch Shows Jimmy a Magic Trick

-Benedict, I saw you do a magic trick… -Oh. -…on somewhere online, and I didn´t even know that you were a magician. But I was — -Neither did I, Jimmy. [ Laughs ] -But I was wondering if you could do the trick… -Oh, God. -…for us tonight. -Oh, God, -It involves — it involves…

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Magician Dan White Freaks Out Jimmy and Questlove with a Time Traveling Card Trick

-Jimmy, tonight we are going to — -How did you know my name is Jimmy? -Tonight, we’re going to attempt to find order in chaos. -Order in chaos. -Love it. -This deck of cards represents chaos, okay? These cue cards represent order. Quest, what I need you to do, if you wouldn’t mind, just hold…

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Magician Dan White Amazes Jimmy with Matches and a Deck of Cards

-Welcome back to the show, uh… -Thank you so much for having me. This is nice. -Uh, yeah, it’s good to have you on here, and at the desk. How’s the family? Everyone good? -Yeah, I just had a baby, actually. -I know you did. Yeah, exactly. Congratulations! -Thank you. I appreciate it. -Now, you…

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David Blaine Sews His Mouth Shut in Insane Trick (w/Jimmy, Priyanka Chopra & The Roots)

-Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for David Blaine! [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -I mean — -You sounded very excited. -Yeah, I know. I have no why what you’re about to do. I did not come to rehearsal on purpose. But I think it’s safe to say to the audience — Do not…

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Backstage Magic Trick: Penn & Teller Return!

♪♪♪♪ ♪♪♪♪ -We love the classroom instruments segment where pop stars do their hits on the classroom instruments, and we thought we wanted to do magic on classroom instruments, and this is our magic kit, and one of the things we put in the magic kit was we put this trick we both had when…

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