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The Magic Hat | + More English Fairy Tales & Moral Stories | Story Time for Kids in Magicbox

A great while ago, when the world was full of wonders, a poor fisherman who lost his boat in the middle of the sea due to a storm, reached shore swimming. When he returned home to his wife, Honey, I lost the only boat that I had. Oh What are we going to do for…

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The Magic Paintbrush | + More Fairy Tales & Moral Stories for School Kids in Magicbox Animation

Far, far away, beyond all sorts of countries, seas, and rivers, there stood a beautiful empire, ruled by a brutish emperor. There lived a poor young farmer, named Chang, who was generous and kind, despite his poverty. The farmer had an excellent talent, every day after his work he used to sit under a tree…

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The Magic Pumpkin Seeds | + More Fairy Tales & Moral Stories for School Kids in Magicbox

Ever so long ago, there lived two poor brothers who grew together. The elder brother Rajeev was cunning by nature, but the younger brother was not. One day, Rajeev got married to a wealthy, and Sanjeev to a poor girl. Hey, brother, I’m moving to my wife’s big house, You shall never come seeking my…

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