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The Problem With Pete | (Ep 7, Pt 2) The Unsleeping City

(dramatic electronic music) – She walks in to get a glass of water for you, she walks back in with the glass of water, and right behind her is Liz. – Oh, come on. (groans) – Liz Herrera walks in, she clearly knows who she’s going in to talk to so she has her game…

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The Problem With Pete | (Ep 7, Pt 1) The Unsleeping City

(dramatic music) – The umbral arcana is rent here. All of the tears in the umbral arcana here are connected to their puppet master, Pete. You feel the presence of insects, the buildings are covered in horrifying, gross webs, and you see a horrifying wasp centaur woman. The fist on your golden ring glows bright….

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✧ Fantasy Looks // The Magician + High Priestess

hi beautiful Jake is a makeup and I were inspired by the art of the tarot cards so we created these magical looks for you to try out the first look card number one is inspired by the magician the second look card number two is inspired by the High Priestess before we begin I…

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Jason Ralph & Olivia Taylor Dudley Talk “Gray World” of ‘The Magicians’

it’s a world full of like real complicated characters and one of my favorite things that we do on the show is that we blur lines between good and bad and hero and villain that a lot of those things don’t really exist even in the real world I mean there are very few kind…

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Winds of Magic | Cinematic Trailer

I take this, weakling! Kill you for the gods! The gods send a gift!

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Black Cards: Magic the Gathering Game : Nectar Faerie Black Card in Magic the Gathering

MIKE LOPEZ: Hi. I’m Mike Lopez with Expert Village, and today we’re going to be discussing the black color from “Magic: The Gathering”. Now, we’re going to go over Nectar Faerie. Nectar Faerie is a powerful, uncommon card from the Lorwyn set. Once again, the Lorwyn set is trying to boost faeries and merfolk. Now,…

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“Magic: The Gathering” Creature Cards : “Magic: The Gathering” Combat Damage Steps

After blockers have been declared, the combat damage step occurs. During this step all damage is assigned as follows. The power of any unblocked creature is assigned to the defending player, the power of creatures that have been blocked, and are blocking are assigned to each other. The Grizzly Bears assigned 2 damage to the…

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Magic the Gathering: Guide to Blue Cards : Telepathy Blue Card in Magic the Gathering

MIKE LOPEZ: Hi. I’m Mike Lopez with Expert Village. And today, we’ll be discussing the blue cards from the blue block of Magic: The Gathering. And now, we’re going to discuss Telepathy. Telepathy is a classic magic blue staple. It has been around since the beta release. It has one blue; it’s an uncommon. It’s…

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THE MAGICIANS | Season 4, Episode 1: Intertwined Ink | SYFY

[shrieks] Hey! [grunts] What the hell? – Janet Pluchinsky? – Am I under arrest? – No. – Well, what’s going on, then? And why are you wearing that ridiculous spelling bee medal? – It’s a magical amulet. – Mm. – Look, I am not crazy, okay? There’s something you need to know, and as soon…

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Battle of the Bugged Bodega! | (Ep 6, Pt 1) The Unsleeping City

– I wasn’t always a rat. (Lou gasping) – What? – My real name is Bruce. – Nod is the spirit of hope, and dreams, sometimes referred to as the monarch of the sixth borough. – What’s going on with Lazarus? – Emma Lazarus, she wrote the poem inscribed in that woman’s book. You are…

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