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Drakensang Online – Que viene para el 2020 ? – Hoja de ruta y mucho más

How about my people welcome to another video and well this time we are a little what comes for the year 2020 As confirmed by the online drakensang team at 227 arrives as I taught you, the new kingshill map the reformed event of defeat to the invincibles at 228 comes the dredge event, it…

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Drakensang Online – Como conseguir regalos rápido y monedas de Phestos – Codigo 11/12/2019

How about my people welcome to another video This time we are going to talk about where and how look for gifts To get Phestos coins But before the code to get the 7500 of progress is the one that appears on the screen And I want to remind you that you can save the…

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Drakensang Online – Polvo Brillante – Como conseguir 1.7k Gratis – ¿Que es y cómo conseguirlo?

How are you my people, welcome to another video This time I want to tell you something of what I realized when I got my first jewel of the event But first for those who do not know the subject I want explain a bit what are powders What they are for and how to…

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