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‘There’s no trick’: Finland’s Sanna Marin youngest PM in world

There’s no trick. I’ve been working a lot. I’ve been in politics over 10 years. I’ve been committed to this. And of course, I’ve been gaining trust from with my colleagues and with people in the election. So there’s no trick, I’ve been just doing my work. Of course, I’m very proud that in Finland,…

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Poets of the Fall – Illusion & Dream (Live w/ Lyrics)

Do you believe in dreams? So do I! So thank you for believing in us for all these 10 years! Look in my eyes I’ll make you see We’re drifting aimlessly Blind in a world of make believe You hear them sing their songs off key N’ nod like they agree Buying the need to…

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Day With a Magician // MY DAY 20.9.2019

Our next performer won “THE BEST PERFORMER 2019” award. JONI PAKANEN .. So this bag is full of mysteries. And we put Miika’s iPhone inside of this bag. This bag has a wonderful ability to fix anything you put inside of it. Like this. Oh well.. Miika seems to be little worried about this all….

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