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The ring of fire – amazing magic trick

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The Flying Ring magic trick

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MagicCity Memories – Flying To The United Kingdom


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The amazing pen magic trick

Oh I you you

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Exploding bubbles turn to balls magic trick

hey I’m you you you

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How To Make Yourself FLOAT!

ijjkkkmkmk floating in Mid-air oh What factor how to match oh? I am your host of an era [and] today I’m showing [you] five ways to make yourself float look Jackie people can’t just go flying in the air like so if you’re ready hit That thumbs up [button] for me and let’s go, okay…

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Mariachi Bands, Magic, Adult Dancers: This Airline Has It All

Every morning I wake up, take a deep breath of compressed air and thank my lucky stars that this is my job. I’m Jamille Donna and I work on the Global Skies new live in flight entertainment. Welcome to our nonstop flight with 14 hours of live nonstop entertainment. The beauty of live performance is…

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How to Play Magic: The Gathering : Tips for Flying in Magic: The Gathering

Hi this is Mike Lopez with Expert Village. Today we’re going to be discussing Magic: the Gathering the card game. And now we’re going to discuss the static ability, flying. Flying is an ability we’ll see on creatures running the gambit from low to high, from strong to weak. Flying is an ability that allows…

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Interactive Card Trick

you you

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