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How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : Learn More Rope Magic

Hi everybody, let me give you some more information about where to learn more about rope magic. Now, there are a bunch of really good videos out there. If you are dealing with a professional magic supplier you could look for videos by a magician named Daryl who did a lot of stuff on rope…

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – YouTube Roundtrip Trick

the question is this: how to get traffic to your blog – it’s called the YouTube round-trip the YouTube round trip and it’s surprisingly effective what you do is you produce a video quickly using a screencast quite like what I’m doing here the answers a question that would be the interest your blog users…

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Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : Full Deck Setups & False Cuts

Hi! I’m Malik the Magic Guy with expertvillage.com. Now I’m going to talk to you more about setting up cards, but we’re going to talk about setting up the whole deck and doing tricks like that. Now let me give you an example. In a few minutes, I’m going to teach you some tricks to…

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Card Tricks: Cuts and Shuffles : Reverse Card Magic Trick

Hi everybody, Malik the magic guy with expertvillage.com. I’m going to teach you your first trick, so for this we need our cards and we need Mr. Hand. Hi Mr. Hand nice to meet you. Now what I’d like Mr. Hand to do is take out a card from the deck, just reach in grab…

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Office Magic Tricks : Magic Pen & Coin Trick

Hi! I’m Greg from Expert Village, and I’m going to show you some easy to do magic tricks that you can perform at work. The coin in the pen cap. This is a fantastic way of making anything small visually vanish. What we’re going to do is put the coin in the palm of your…

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MTG – Ready to Bootup in Pauper? The $20-40 Affinity Deck for Magic: The Gathering

(TCC Theme plays) Long before the magnificence of Phyrexian perfection blessed this metal world, there was Mirrodin pure. Each of the five suns dawned on a land of great power. So great a power in fact, that instead of a broken land, these lands were what broke formats. Seat of the Synod, The Great Furnace,…

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How to Do Rope Magic Tricks : Cut Rope in Half Magic Trick Performed

Alright everybody, here it is the one that you have been waiting for, the cut and restored rope. I am going to show you one of my favorite versions, this is out of the Klutz Book of Magic, an excellent, excellent book on magic. Look it up, find it, forget about Harry Potter go get…

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Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : Si Stebbins Setup & the 27th Card

Hi! Malik the Magic Guy for expertvillage.com. Let me show you another cool trick to do with the Si Stebbins setup. So let’s take our deck give it a couple of quick cuts here, and let’s let Mr. Hand cut the deck as well, Mr. Hand is doing such a great job. Mr. Hand, do…

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Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : The Red & Black Separation Card Trick

Hi everybody! Malik the Magic Guy for expertvillage.com. Now I’m going to show you a classic of magic. This is based on a trick called “Out of This World,” by Paul Curry. This is a great, great trick; learn this, you’ll have a professional level card effect in your repertoire. This is a great trick….

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Magic System – Bouger Bouger — Free Music Free Songs

How to get a BEAUTIFUL GIRL: http://www.ohah.info

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