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The psychology of magic: Where do we look for meaning in life? | Derren Brown | Big Think

We live in a world now where we’ve comfortably dispensed with most myth and superstition for the last few hundred years. That’s the enlightenment project, you know, we have embraced a very rational approach to life and that’s wonderful and it has brought us many great things, but it’s also left us with a sort…

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Khai Dreams – Come True w/ Forrest, Biskwiq & Wizard Island (Lyrics) [CC]

I always silence my phone, I keep my sins on the low I’d like to do it alone but I’m lonely I just be taking my time, only do it if it feels right But I’m feeling like I go to slowly I never seem to have a grasp on these things You know I…

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Um, Actually: Bigger, Longer, and Wronger [Full Episode]

(upbeat jingle) – From Aragorn to Aragog, nerds are passionate about a lot of things. But there’s something they love above all else. That is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (peppy music) Joining us today, Ally Beardsley. – Hey. – Adam Conover. – Hello. – [Host] And Alice Wetterlund. (laughs) – Now the game…

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Are Space and Time An Illusion? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite UPDATE – Samsung & MWC19

Yo, this is your boy James of XpectoGO bringing you the latest and greatest in Wizards Unite content and today it is wet it is cold and It is a holiday Presidents Day to be exact in the US. So no school kids are hanging out so your boy is doing the same but we…

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Is our world an illusion?

Hi, I’m Marc Gielissen. If you appreciate my work. then please subscribe and don’t forget to click the notification bell. We could ask ourselves if the world in which we live is just an illusion, some will just call it the matrix. In my book “Awakening Consciousness” I explain how we are influenced by our…

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The “End of History” Illusion – Bence Nanay

When trains began to shuttle people across the coutryside, many insisted they would never replace horses. Less than a century later, people repeated that same prediction about cars, telephones, radio, television, and computers. Each had their own host of detractors. Even some experts insisted they wouldn’t catch on. Of course, we can’t predict exactly what…

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[CC] My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Luna’s Future (English)

– * Happens? I see a cold wind blowing through I see days neither fun nor free I see a future caused by you I see a path not meant to be The future should be filled with magic Dreams and wishes – brought to life But the days ahead are dark and tragic No…

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Illusion of choice | Anthony Boschi | TEDxUNB

Translator: Zaraa Malvat Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Are we free? Do we have choice? Can we control our thoughts? These are the types of questions that initiate the cycle of contemplation and lays out the foundations for our understanding of human existence. The depths of our ability to choose, or not to, evolves our…

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What If Time Is An Illusion?

Time flows like a river. From X to Y – the integers of existence are marked by the passage of the ever-constant ticking of the cosmic clock. We live, we die – yet the rivers of time seemingly go on and on – the one driving force that leads us from the past, to the…

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