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Naked Magic by Wes Barker (watch her VANISH at the end)

(rock music) (audience applauding) – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Wes Barker. (audience applauding) (audience whistling) – What? Oh! Wes you’re the greatest! Thank you. You’re my hero! Oh my god thank you. A couple…hey. Someone close by, how about you? You look quite brave. How are you? Good. Sitting quietly in the first…

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How to AMAZE KIDS with AWESOME Magic Trick Prank YOU CAN DO!

Hey, magician Rich Ferguson here and today I got a great trick for you to do on kids using your phone. This is something takes about five seconds to set up. You can it anytime, anywhere, and this will fry kids’ minds. And it’s just super fun to do. So here’s what it’s going to…

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