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Tolarian Tutor: Midrange vs Tempo Decks – A Magic: The Gathering Study Guide

In our last lesson we covered the three major and most common deck archetypes for magic the gathering: Aggro, combo, and control. but many of you were likely wondering: Wait, what about other archetypes such as midrange and tempo? I really wanted to discuss and compare and contrast Midrange and tempo in their own isolated…

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Top 4 Best Deck Boxes For Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Standard Sized Trading Card Games

* music jingle plays * In the now over four years of reviewing accessories from Magic the Gathering Pokemon and other standard size trading cards, I have carefully evaluated and graded over 100 different styles of deck box. There have been many extraordinarily excellent products, and many extraordinary failures (as well as everything in between)…

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MTG – Top 5 Best Modern Cards from Hour of Devastation for Magic: The Gathering

Oh! Hello, the hour is upon us Will the revelation be that this new Magic set is nothing but devastation? Allow me to enlighten you with the top five cards from hour of Devastation for modern and guess what it’s a five way tie! That’s right! I can’t decide which of these five cards is…

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The Best Gaming Backpacks and Bags for Magic: The Gathering: The Citadel, Gaming Crate, and Ammonite

When it comes to backpacks, messenger bags, and other transport for Magic the Gathering and trading card games, It’s hard to beat the Amazon Basics camera bag backpack. For as low as $29.99, as I have reviewed previously, You can safely carry your Magic the Gathering deck boxes, wherever it is you need to go….

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Tolarian Tutor: Mana Curve and Land Bases – A Magic: The Gathering Study Guide

so you’re prepping for Friday night magic going over your deck with your friends you look at the ratio of lands to spells and one friend says you clearly need to take out those scry lands I mean look at your curve you’re too aggressive for them well another friend argues no you need to…

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Coin Game \ Magic Trick \ Maths: The Penney Ante Part 1 (Re: Derren Brown: How to Win the Lottery)

Hello, everybody! So–about last night. For people not in the UK, last Wednesday, a brilliant UK magician called Derren Brown predicted the national lottery numbers on live TV. And last night he explained how he did it. Now, I won’t go into that, because Derren gave a few explanations, and they were all nonsense. However,…

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MTG – Is it worth it to buy a Magic: The Gathering Gift Pack?

Many Pokemon trainers ask the question is it worth it to buy a Magic: The Gathering Gift Pack? Wait wait, this isn’t a Pokemon product, it’s a Magic product! But it really looks like a Pokemon product which I’m sure is just a coincidence. Go figure! Well, many Magic: The Gathering players ask the question…

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Magic in the Bot Lane | 2019 World Championship Group Stage Day 3 Tease

– Bottom side, Vulcan is down! – That is a kill. First blood goes to Hyli. Oh, Veigar. There have been an explosion of mages being played by all of the marksmen. Kills coming through from the LCK side! The stun is there! The Syndras, the Veigars, now you even see a Kayle down there….

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might & magic heroes online phần 1


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Minecraft: SkyFactory 4 – MAGIC SEEDS?! [24]

Yes, so. Did you guys know that about 95% of all Magicians are bald? Because they’re always pulling their hair out Hey, what’s going on guys SSundee here back to some more sky factory with ugly. Hello, ugly Hello, pretty. How are you doing today? I am good ugly Mister ugly That’s good mister pretty….

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