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CGRundertow THE MAGICIAN’S HANDBOOK II: BLACKLORE for iPad Video Game Review

You know what I like about this game? It’s basically Peter Pan turned into a hidden object adventure. I mean, you’re saving fairies from this evil pirate. All it needs is an army of orphans and a lagoon full of mermaids. And uh, preferably Julia Roberts as Tinkerbelle. Hook was a great movie. And The…

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CGRundertow LEGACY OF THE WIZARD for NES Video Game Review

Back in my review of Castlequest, I used the Legend of Zelda as a kind of yardstick for world size, based on number of screens. The overworld map in Zelda: 128 screens. The castle in Castlequest: 200 screens. And not to be outdone, Legacy of the Wizard clocks in at an immense 256 screens, 16…

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Puff the Magic Dragon Deck List! Pokemon TCG Ultra Necrozma Malamar Cosmic Eclipse Deck

all right people today let’s get into another decklist I’m excited to show off this one because this is the third time it’ll be on the channel but this time it is a brand new look this used to be the magic dragon it still is in spirit but today we’re gonna be talking about…

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CGR Undertow – EPIC MICKEY: POWER OF ILLUSION review for Nintendo 3DS

Remember when Disney games were awesome? Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, the Magical Quest, Darkwing Duck…it wasn’t that they were good for licensed games. These were good games, period. Great games. And it seemed like the original Epic Mickey was about to usher in a new era of awesome Disney games. It had problems, sure, but…

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Road to Wizard World Con | State Farm®

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Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 1

English Subtitles By: Freddie Yeah, I typed these up. Last mag! We gotta move! Exit’s blocked! They’re coming up! Where’s BrianD!? How’s the long way home, BrianD? Sweaty enough for you? – Can we do this later, K-Pop? I’m late for a clan match! This FPS twitcher thinks he’s gonna be the next Law! What…

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Welcome Heroes of the Internet my name is Nelsonjav and I’m going to be your host for today I actually have a stream so, maybe but just maybe I get to be your host another day so let me show you a little bit about my stream and about what happens there you will see…

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Fail Night Magic

Some time ago I made a video about what Magic: The Gathering does better than any other game. Games like their perceived competitors of Hearthstone and Hex. It was at its core a video about Friday Night Magic. How this is the heart of Magic: The Gathering as a game. Friday Night Magic is where…

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Next Level Magic Ember Spirit Dota2

Hey, guys, this is DATOHLEONG and in this video, I’ll going to be introducing a next-level ember build that takes aggression to the next level. This build is inspired by many really good ember players. On top of that, through many experimental games, I have further modified the build to improve the tankiness of the…

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MTG – A Guide To U/B Modern Faeries for Magic: The Gathering

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