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Art of Illusion – For Her (official video)

Ready? Ready girls? OK. -Is it recording there? -Yes it’s recording. -Attention. Yes?

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Find your Valentine – Valentines Day Interactive Card Magic Trick

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Haschak Sisters – Gossip Girl

Somebody is spreading a crazy rumor about me Wait let me see oh ya that’s bad I wonder who would do that Do you see what she’s wearing Did you hear that Did he get in trouble what did he say well I heard that they’re not dating anymore I heard that he got sent…

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THE WIZARDS OF AUS || Episode 5 “The Ballad of Baby Bones”

(serious music) – Sticks and stones may break my bones but this story may break your heart. Good evening and welcome to a very special edition of No Nonsense. This past month has been dominated by a single story, the fate of one little boy, Baby Bones. The product of a dark wizard’s curse, Baby…

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Slime School Pranks! Adding too Much WEIRD Ingredients into DIY slime!

My slime is so nice! Way better than yours! Mine is way more satisfying and stretchy. Nah! I always make better slimes than you. Are you kidding? Your slimes suck! You know what? Let’s both make a bunch of slimes and then determine who’s slimes are the best. Yeah, but we need a third person…

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Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING GIANT GUMMY FOOD* Best Gross Real Worm Candy

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Haschak Sisters – Boys Are So Ugh

[music] If you sorta kinda like him you should tell him so wait what If you wait up after school for him then you should know okay first of all If he happens to be in the background on your phone coincidence Then it’s obvious there is something going on Maybe I like him maybe…

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30 FREE GEMS – DECEMBER 2019 – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic MLP

[Music] … Cheer… [Music]

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Trick or Treat – Aaron’s Animals

Ah, me luv tv. This better be my pizza. How me make them go away? Oh right, candy! Good riddance! Pizza? Dog with wings? Leave! Dog with antenna? Leave faster!! IF THIS ISN’T MY PIZZ– Oooohhhhh. This not pizza… Phil, wut is going–oooohhhhh. Me must make girl cats happy! Goodby nintindo switch! Lifft with legs…

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Ever wake up like this? Oversleeping is the worst! Will you have time to get ready time to turn those PJs into a look slip the pants off and put both legs into one side now pull them up over your chest take the unused pant leg scrunch it up and slide your head through…

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