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Make a “Stretched Periwinkle” Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star (Video Tutorial)

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. And I’ve got a great project for you today. Take a look at this quilt behind me. Isn’t this fun? Now if you want to make a fast quilt, this is the quilt for you. This goes together so quickly because we’re using big pieces….

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Shaka Laka Boom Boom – Episode 03 | The Origin | Magic Pencil Returns 2018

And the monsters fled from there forever. If you story is over then could we go to sleep now? Coming. Charchit , you should go to sleep too. okay mom Dad, hmm are you going away for long time? Not long, just for a little while. You’re going to come back, right? Of course I’ll…

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Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Decor | DIY Trick or Treat Sign | Pinterest Inspired Halloween Decor

hey guys welcome back to another Tuesday quick and easy video I gotta tell you guys I caught the Halloween bug and I’m so ready to decorate my house and I’m going to start by decorating my front porch and I’m going to be making two sides that are going to say trick-or-treat and I’m…

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Piggy Bank Disappeared | “Magic” video teaser from “Sisters Fun”

Welcome to Sisters Fun We are going to do a “”magic” video And Ella is there This is our pig Our magic pig, it can disappear You do not believe it? Look at the piggy bank And I will say… “Disappear” Where is the pig? It’s magical Welcome, this is our next round. Welcome to…

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[FIXED AUDIO] Spikes are Desperate for an Egg in this Trying Commander Game pt. 1 | Gameplay S5E7

Intro: Before we get into today’s video, I’ve got 3 things for you. 1. If you want to get a notification whenever we post a new video, make sure you ring that bell. 2. There’s a TCGPlayer affiliate link in the shownotes. After clicking that link, every purchase you make on tcgplayer.com helps support this…

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Microsoft PowerPoint for Beginners : Using the Wizard in PowerPoint: Part 1

Hi! I’m Gary for Expert Village. Let’s go ahead and start creating a presentation. The first way I am going to show you is to create a presentation through a wizard and a wizard will help you go through and ask you different questions. At the end, you will come up with a type of…

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Dance Lift Trick # 1

Hi, and welcome to SalsaKnox Dance Company. My name is Jacqueline Solano, and I am Waldo Solano, and today we are going to be working on a dance trick. So, we are going to go ahead and break it down for you now. Alright guys, I am going to start with my partner here. What…

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Disney Set to Make Magic Again During Super Bowl LIV

– [Narrator] These are the words they always dreamed of saying. – I’m going to Disney World. – [Narrator] Spoken only by the most resilient. – [Both] We’re going to Disney World! – [Narrator] The truest of champions. – We’re going to Disneyland! – [Narrator] The same words that made dreams come true for 140,000…

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Magic Rush – Orange Soul Components / Elite Abyss Treasure and more!

hey everybody it is monday the 17th of april got a new patch that just came out we’re going to go over it a little bit and show some of the new features a few minor things basically you know Ellen social on the image icon not really a big thing Karnas going to get…

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Charles’ “Magic Trick” – CIA Headquarters Scene | X-Men First Class (2011) Movie Clip 4K

The advent of the nuclear age may have accelerated the mutation process. Individuals with extraordinary abilities may already be among us. Thank you very much. MacTaggert, you really think that some crackpot scientist is going to make me believe in sparkly dames and vanishing men? You just bought yourself a one-way ticket back to the…

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