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The Tale of The Goblin Wizard (Clash of Clans Official)

Wizards! Attack! Fireball! Fireball! ♪ Who am I? ♪ ♪ Do I belong? ♪ No… ♪ Time to be done with this sad song. ♪ ♪ I’ve got to run. ♪ GENTLEMAN BARBARIANS ♪ I’ve got to run. ♪ SKULL & BONES ♪ I’m still running. ♪ GOLD LOVERS ♪ I’ve made my way home….

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Wizzo The Wizard

Hahaha! I am Wizzo The Wizard! Bow before me and my magical mastery! Ahaha! You what? What? What? I am Wizzo The Wizard. Bow b- What do you do? Magic. What’s that? I can make stuff… Oh! Like Harry Potter? Who’s Harry Potter? Hi, I’m Harry Potter! What do you do? I make pots. That’s…

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The BEST FUNNY Auditions Britan’s Got Talent 2017 Week 1

beyond the sea oh yeah wait a minute be quick you Here we go Britain, are you ready? exit Yeah Simon Okay, clap your hands David, can you check this rope, please? It’s normal? Yeah, normal okay and now I need one of you answer deck there’s no way I was going on there with…

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Monster for Kids + MORE Magic English Stories for Children by Steve and Maggie from Wow English TV

Hi. Hello! I am hungry so I am looking for something to eat or drink. Let´s have a look in my fridge. This is my fridge. Hmm… but… hmmm… I don´t want anything from here because I looked in Maggie´s fridge and she´s got some yoghurt. Some strawberry yoghurt. Look! Yoghurt! I like yoghurt. Should…

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The Cars – Magic

summer turns me upside down summer summer summer it’s like a merry go round i see you under the midnight all shackles and bows High shoes with the cleats a-clickin’ A tempermental glow don’t you let me go i got a hold on you i got a hold on you i got a hold on…

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The FULL Results: Britain’s Got Talent 2017 Semi-Final 2 WHO’S THROUGH?

Like it’s time to find out who is going through to the final it welcome back all it up. They are Yeah Sorry gossip Yeah great Now a [2ax] will make it through to the final tonight We have had one and a half million thoughts which have been counted unverified now We’re going to…

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Back To School Magic Trick REVEALED | Collins Key Tutorial

– What’s up, it’s Collins Key and for today’s video I am going to break the magician’s code. And I’m going to teach you a super easy magic trick that you can do for all of your friends when you go back to school. And basically, you’re gonna make your friends think you literally learned…

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“The Magicians”, 1982 Mr Apollo Sataneev Reading magic recette (English subs)

Aaaah! Tsar ordered to undress him Made a crest himself two times Got into a hot water as got cooked Tsar ordered to undress him Made a crest himself two times Got into a hot water as got cooked Got cooked! C-O-O-K-E-D!!! COOKED! Cooked…. So a singe! a singe… Where is it? A singe! Signs…

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Tokio Myers: Pianist STUNS the Judges With BRILLIANT Act | Auditions 3 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

Yeah, let’s set up a piano out there. I think about your stuff. [I] [agree]. It’s not rapping in my head Look tokyo. Just understand [okay]. Oh Hello, how are you? I’m very [well]. Thanks a bit nervous. [that’s] all good right. What’s your name? My name is tokyo. Tokyo. Yeah very nice Where are…

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Magic Leap One | AT&T

Encounter the next era of computing with Magic Leap One, a lightweight wearable device enabling you to see and interact with digital content in the world around you. Bigger adventure, more immersive gameplay, and characters so believeable, you’ll be taking cover behind the couch. Pull live news and on-demand content out of the screen with…

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