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How I Prepared for Black Magic Halloween Party 2019 | Everyday Kath

This is the before look, and I will see you guys later. My name is Poison… Poison Ivy~. Char! Joke, I’ll do my pictorial. Let’s go. Okay, so for tonight, I’m gonna be ‘Poison Ivy’. Actually we had three top choices: First, I wanted to do ‘Edward Scissorhands’, because I recently watched the movie and…

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Happy Halloween Spooky Songs by Steve and Maggie | Haunted House | Trick or Treat Wow English TV

And it should be ready now. Oh! Ha-ha! Oh, great! Oh-oh, yeah! Oh, hello boys and girls, I’m getting ready for a spooky Halloween party. Oh, but not now. No, I have to go and put on my costume. Wait until you see it. Okay, I’ve got to be quick. The party starts soon! Oh…

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SHALLOWEEN – Don’t trick, Just treat right.

Mummy Ddid you bring Candies Mummy! at least welcome us Aunty? do my makeup like your!

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The DollMaker Hid The Magic Spell Book! We Need To Get It Back!

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