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Powerful visual illusions | Al Seckel

We’re going to talk — my — a new lecture, just for TED — and I’m going show you some illusions that we’ve created for TED, and I’m going to try to relate this to happiness. What I was thinking about with happiness is, what gives happiness — or happiness, which I equate with joy…

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The Magic Word is KINDNESS

Hi everyone, Jonas Cain here with Hashtag Positivity, here for another edition of Magic Words. And I’m coming to you to the beautiful Dean College in Franklin Massachusetts and I just got done speaking at the Peace Takes Practice Conference. They spent all day talking about how to bring more peace to our communities and…

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Who’s Your Mentor?

Hi everyone, Jonas Cain here with Hashtag Positivity, here for another edition of Magic Words, and today we’re talking about mentors. These are the ones who can do what it is you want to do. These are the ones who have been to where you want to be. They know the way, they show the…

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9 Tricks To Stay Motivated When You Can Barely Get Out Of Bed

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How to change your body? Access Body Processes with Rachael O’Brien

hello there my name is Rachael O’Brien and I am an Access Consciousness Body Facilitator what does this mean? I facilitate this amazing body work that allows you to have more communion with your body. now if you’re watching this video guess what you have the body and most of us have been trained to…

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The Illusion of Death

Hello friends, how are you? I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the illusion of death the biggest illusion that death causes the end to the existence of an individual To a certain extent, indeed, but just the material existence, or rather, the end of the matter that permits the manifestation of…

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The psychology of magic: Where do we look for meaning in life? | Derren Brown | Big Think

We live in a world now where we’ve comfortably dispensed with most myth and superstition for the last few hundred years. That’s the enlightenment project, you know, we have embraced a very rational approach to life and that’s wonderful and it has brought us many great things, but it’s also left us with a sort…

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The Magic Word is PERSEVERANCE

Hi everyone, Jonas Cain here with Hashtag Positivity, here to tell you a little story about the Rubik’s Cube. Up until recently my best time with solving the cube was just about 30 years and the reason it took me 30 years is because for the first 29 years I avoided this thing because it…

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Maitreya Rael: The Magic Garden (71-06-15) – Part 7 of 9

The Magic Garden Recorded during the Asian Happiness Academy, June 15th, 71 ah, Okinawa, Japan What a beautiful garden. I don’t see a crowd, I see a garden with many beautiful flowers. You are flowers. Feel it! You all love flowers, eh? How does it start, a flower? With a little seed. You too! At…

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The Illusion of Happiness

Hey everyone, this is Stefan from ProjectLifeMastery.com and today I want to talk to you about something that I believe that most people in society today does not value nearly enough. It’s something that I believe that we all really want deep down inside. We all crave it, we all desire it, and what that…

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