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Alphabet Train Food Train – Mother Goose Club Rhymes for Kids

[music plays] Alphabet Train Food Train [music plays] Hello, hello, alphabet train, alphabet train, alphabet train. Hello, hello, alphabet train. What’s inside today? A train, apple train. B train, banana train. C train, cookie train. Choo choo choo! D train, donut train. E train, eggplant train. F train, french fry train. Choo choo choo! G…

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Hello, My Friends | Trick-Or-Treating Song | Super Simple Songs

Hello, my friends Hello, my friends I’m so happy to see you Hello, my friends Hello, my friends Let’s go trick-or-treating Witches and ghosts Witches and ghosts Cowboys, pirates, and monsters Spiders and bats Spiders and bats Let’s go trick-or-treating Hello, my friends Hello, my friends I’m so happy to see you Hello, my friends…

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Justin Willman’s Christmas Magic Trick Scares Kelly and Lionel Richie

– We’re gonna play little game with one of these little peppermints – With a peppermint? – A little fun Christmas game. – Okay. – Take the peppermint, – Okay. – Put it behind your back. – Okay. – Behind my back. – Uh huh. And put it in one of your hands, but don’t…

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Hearthstone Funny Plays 267

FOR D-LARAN! (russian meme. This is first version of voiceover of archmage from Reforged, that sounds like old parody to young gay, but not like old mage. That’s fucking funny) look, he switched by himself look look! fucking look! look!! is it ok? ok? fucking hello hello, game… HELLO! HELLO hello! look what happens

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The Naked Painter Shows Off His Huge… Talent | Got Talent Global

(Clapping) hello sir hello what are you called I am Brent Rey Fraser, the naked painter! (music starts playing) (Gasping) (Laughter) (Laughs) I want to keep it!

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Cuentos en inglés para niños con Greenman and The Magic Forest: Nivel B Unidad 1 – The Surprise

Unit 1 – The Surprise It’s early morning. It’s sunny and Greenman is happy. ‘Hello, Bird!’ says Greenman. ‘Hello, Greenman,’ says Bird. ‘Get up! We’re late!’ ‘It’s early. What’s the hurry?’ ‘It’s a surprise! Come on!’ ‘OK,’ ‘Hello, Frog!’ says Greenman. ‘Hello, Greenman,’ says Frog. ‘Wash your face! We’re late!’ ‘It’s early. What’s the hurry?’…

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