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Talking Tom Heroes – Fire-Breathing Magic Dinosaur (Episode 1)

From outer space, four power crystals arrive on a troubled world. They seek out four friends who are always looking to do good. The crystals give the friends incredible powers. And with the help of the mysterious Crystal Mentor, the friends become… HEROES! TALKING TOM HEROES ARE READY FOR THE FIGHT! Heroes go! Save the…

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Baby Heroes 4: Hulk vs monkey king funny magician superhero fun in real life comics | SuperHeroKids

It’s been forever since Paul has been missing! I don’t think we are ever going to find them. Wait, who is Paul again? Hey, who is that? Hey! It’s Paul! Paul is home, Paul is home, Paul, Paul! I’m back! Oh hey Deadpool! I have your Lootcrate! Paul! Where have you been? Oh you see,…

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The Lore of Heroes of Might and Magic III – Solmyr the Wizard

The Genie Solmyr ibn Wali Barad, commonly known as Solmyr the Wizard, is one of the most renown Bracadian heroes, most memorable for his loyalty to Gavin Magnus, loyalty that led him to a path of glory but dishonor as well. While his early backstory remains unrevealed, Solmyr was trapped for a thousand years inside…

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[SCH – DreamMatch] Wizard HD & Fourze Cosmic vs. OOO Putotyra & W CJX – in HD!

Magic and Science, the ultimate team up has begun! Its the Magic-Science Combo! How’s that?! Let’s end this! We did it! As long as we, Kamen Riders, are here, we will let no one fall into despair!

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[SCH – DreamMatch] Den-O vs. Wizard

Here… I Come! You don’t look like a Magician (?) LUPACHI MAGIC TOUCH GO! CONNECT! PLEASE~ FULL CHARGE My Final Attack… Part 2! I did it! My Final Attack! I… Am the best!

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Might and Magic II, a GOGgame story by Flaose

Happy Movember, guys! I’m Dafe, aka Flaose, and this is a GOGgame story. Not very pleasant sounding, is it? Behold the PC speaker in all its glory! Today I’m going to talk about the first Role Playing Game that I ever played: Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World. Ironically enough, I think the…

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Fire Emblem:Heroes Book IV Movie but it’s Alfheim Online Opening.

The feelings i kept deep inside Are now screaming at top of their lungs Trying to voice our infinate vow I’ve wandered all my life Relying on a whim,and that has led me astray Light has become my foe Defying everything while my future fades away. Tonight the moon invites me to the night sky….

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Might & Magic Heroes 6 – Sanctuary bemutató magyar felirattal

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Next Level Magic Ember Spirit Dota2

Hey, guys, this is DATOHLEONG and in this video, I’ll going to be introducing a next-level ember build that takes aggression to the next level. This build is inspired by many really good ember players. On top of that, through many experimental games, I have further modified the build to improve the tankiness of the…

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Heroes Of Might and Magic IV (4) (16/4) (2*2) Review

Hey, hey people! Sseth here. Today, I’ll be covering a game designed on a shoestring budget, while its own parent company was going bankrupt, Heroes of Might and Magic 4, and, despite how little time and money they had, the outcome is pretty damn impressive. It also managed to produce two expansions on a nanofiber…

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