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What’s In Your Deck #4 with J.M.Grill | Heroic – Magic Duel

Hi, Heroes! I’m J.M. Grill and this is my deck. With my deck I try to get the maximum from Alay´na. The idea is to use powerful Minions to play the long game and, after using Giant Growth, try to reach the opponents’s portal. If you manage to take control of the ground your opponent…

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What’s In Your Deck #3 with Djurdja | Heroic – Magic Duel

Hi! My name is Djurdja and I’ve always loved playing PvP, strategy, and card collectible games and I fell in love with Heroic as soon as I started playing it. The love for this game brought me where I am today and that’s Community Management on this game, so I’m here to share some exclusive,…

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