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Chotu faltu jadugar खानदेश का छोटू फालतू जादूगर Khandesh hindi comedy

Hey!!! are you the useless Magician? Why? What happen brother? huh! it’s you? isn’t it? Yes, it’s me? why??? Please teach me magic tricks. Hey! get lost have you ever previously done any magic tricks ? Yes I have done many magic tricks, in my childhood. hey! I would quietly grab people’s purses …and vanish…

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Monster for Kids + MORE Magic English Stories for Children by Steve and Maggie from Wow English TV

Hi. Hello! I am hungry so I am looking for something to eat or drink. Let´s have a look in my fridge. This is my fridge. Hmm… but… hmmm… I don´t want anything from here because I looked in Maggie´s fridge and she´s got some yoghurt. Some strawberry yoghurt. Look! Yoghurt! I like yoghurt. Should…

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Amazing Magic Compilation ft/ TimTimFed! – BEST CONTENT EVER!!1! Ep04

– Hey, dudes. We’re Aunty Donna and today we’re doing a, collab with our boy Michael Shanks, aka ‘Tim Tim Fed.’ (hat turbulence) (claps) (all yell) WHHHHOOOOAAAA!!! – YES! YES YES! – Oh my god! (silence) (Door handle struggles to open) (all cheer and clap) OHHH! YAYY!! – Say dudes, anyone know where I can…

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Magic Race for Children + MORE Funny Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Learn Wow English TV

No Maggie. My skateboard is faster than your inline skates. No, it isn’t. My inline skates are faster. No Maggie. My skateboard is faster. My inline skates are faster. No, my skateboard is faster than your inline skates. No, it isn’t. Look. There is my skateboard and there are your inline skates. Let’s have a…

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2rbina 2rista – MAGIC!

If I were a magician, I would go as mad as a dog Hogwarts would be closed for the overnorm of defects I would get rid of the need and rags That’s this very feeling when you are casting money I would call myself absolutely humbly – a genius! I would start a pompous generational…

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Funny Circus + Magic Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Learn Speaking Wow English TV

Going to the circus. Going to the circus. Hey! Hello! Oh, hello! We’re going to the circus! Yeah! I like the clowns. Ha-ha-ha. Do you like clowns? Yeah! Yeah? Great! Hey, Steve! Look! Oh-oh. Hey, Maggie. Look! Maggie’s found a poster for the circus! Yeah! He-hey! Look at the clowns! Oh, wow! And, uh… hey!…

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Magic Toys for Kids | English with Steve and Maggie | Magic English Story for Kids by Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV. Wow. This is great. Oh hello boys and girls. Look at my city. It’s fantastic. What can you see? What can you hear? I can hear something. Something’s coming. What is it? Oh look. Oh oh. What is it? What’s coming? Yeah. It’s a bus. You’re right. Oh…

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Best Magic Trick Ever! – Comedy Sketch

(Carefully playing video games) Hey man… hey… HEY (not so careful anymore) WHAT!? Hey, can I show you a magic trick? Uh, NO, I’m busy! But you know what you can do, you can make this princess (Peach) disappear cuz she’s getting in the way of my relationship with the big turtle (Bowser), man! Come…

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Hope Causes Pain (roadside dialog from “Travellers And Magicians”, 2003)

Hi. Any luck with rides today? I guess not. Been waiting long? I guess so. Hey, friend! Hey! Come and sit here. There’s no point staring at an empty road. You know… Buddha said hope causes pain. Hey! Let If a car comes we can get a ride. You walk, then. Oh, I understand. If…

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The Magicians 3×07 Promo “Poached Eggs” (HD) Season 3 Episode 7 Promo

Oh my God. Hey hey hey hey. Alice, can you hear me? You wanted to do the spell. Have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s complicated and personal. Well this just took a dark turn.

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