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3D ILLUSIONS That Will TRICK Your Eyes!

3d illusion that will trick your very eyes sorry I got into it I’m not tricked yet yeah this is two-dimensional oh no no no I think it’s an underground tunnel in the highways on top got some wily coyote going on here Looney Tunes can you draw this well I cannot draw even a…

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Surprising People with real-life illusions and magic tricks.

– So a lot of people around the world right now are at home, and I thought it’d be fun to join them on video chat, and pull off a few illusions for ’em. So let’s get into position. All right, let’s go. What’s up? – Hi! – [Woman] Can you say hi? – Hi….

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Ellen’s Writer Tricks Tourists on a Los Angeles Wildlife Safari Tour

Two of the most amazing experiences I ever had were going on safari in Kenya, visiting the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, and the third was interviewing Ryan Gosling. I wanted to bring the safari experience to Hollywood, so I set up the first ever Los Angeles wildlife safari. I rigged a tour van with hidden…

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Jim Pranks Dwight with Magic Beans – The Office

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Markiplier’s Magic Touch

[Wet With Regret from Closer To Me Than Him plays] [muffled music] [ding-dong] [getting up noises] [muffled getting up noises] [getting up noises] [crash] Heeeiii gaiz! How you doing? Welcome to LA! [squeaky nipples] Come on in! My home is your home. Get ready for… …a week of amazing video gaming. [pure amazement] You don’t…

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How π˜•π˜–π˜› to travel Europe #4 – Gin and Potatoes

– You can use my camper van, if you want. (gentle upbeat music) – It was crunch time here at the service station. The journey up to this point had been epic, but the bottom line was we’d only traveled 220 miles in three and a half days, with roughly 700 to go, and all…

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(surfer dude) If I could time-travel, I’d totally go back in time to eat my lunch again. (Ian) SHUT UP!!! (movie narrator) Project Almanac, rated PG-13. In theaters January 30th. – (actress) Whoa-ho! – (actor #1) What the hell is that? – (actor #1) Here we go. Project Almanac… ..temporal location prototype? What does that…

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Tucked Up – Buddy System Ep1

MAN 1: I saw this shirt inSkyMallthe other day that was the length of a tucked-in shirt, but it was untucked. MAN 2: Yeah, I saw that. That’s in the issue with the beef jerky yoga mat on the cover, right? MAN 1: Mm-hmm, yeah, you get the, uh, clean-cut look of a tuck with…

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Wizard of Oz (Lil’ Buddies 2)

Hey man, hey, I just had a really upsetting thought… Whaaaaat. What is the thought? Ok, so you know like, The Wizard of Oz? Yes, I know *like* The Wizard of Oz. Ok, but no! So like… if… What if… so… *sigh* Like…right at the beginning of Wizard of Oz. Out in the real world….

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306 Bloopers! Three Is the Magic Number – Will & Grace

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