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History of Theatre 5 – The Illusion Illustrated, Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza and Sabbioneta (Eng. Esp.)

History of Western Theatre The Illusion Illustrated After the Roman era for centuries no permanent theatres were built. In the sixteenth century the Italian architect: Sebastiano Serlio designed a typical ancient Roman theatre, which is never built… Skenotheke – storeroom for the properties Stage – playing space Orchestra Auditorium – gallery Serlio (Renaissance) – Vitruvius…

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Ancient Aliens: Ancient Egyptian Frankenstein (Season 13) | History

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Vintage TV Ads: Wizard Wick Deodorizer – 1955

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How the magic of kindness helped me survive the Holocaust | Werner Reich

In the rather delightful book “The Little Prince,” there is a quotation, which says “It’s only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible.” And while the author wrote these words sitting in a comfortable chair, somewhere in the United States, I learned this very same lesson miles away in…

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WIZARD 30 Jahre Defenders Of Metal, Band-Dokumentation Trailer

WIZARD 30 years Defenders Of Metal WIZARD has grown out of a friendship. Everybody thought we were crazy, that we wouldn’t take things seriously and that we party all the time. I think that’s what people still say about us. It’s an experience that only a few others can have. At first I started with…

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Mechanical Marvels—Optical Illusion Viewer: Picture Puzzle of King Christian V, 1685

[No Sound]

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Illusion of Time : Peuples, Histoire et Mythes ! (Super Nintendo)

Hi everyone, it’s Satanos! As you already know the Illusion of Gaia adventure is now over and I promised you to make a video that would explain the inspirations of the game whether they are archaeological, cultural or mythological. And it’s time to present you that video ! Before anything else I thank Cleeem from…

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Indeed x CH: Creating Magic | An inside look at the Habs’ game presentation team

When the Canadiens hit the ice at the Bell Centre on game nights there’s a team of dedicated staff working behind-the-scenes to make magic happen. Game production is basically everything that has to do with the entertainment of the game. So the show is on the ice, but we’re the ones who support everything around…

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Animation basics: The optical illusion of motion – TED-Ed

Take a series of still, sequential images. Let’s look at them one by one. Faster. Now, let’s remove the gaps, go faster still. Wait for it … Bam! Motion! Why is that? Intellectually, we know we’re just looking at a series of still images, but when we see them change fast enough, they produce the…

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The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis

[clangs] This is Inuyama, Japan, a historic city home to Japan’s oldest original wooden castle. It is also home to Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute.Here, a group of chimpanzees have been trainedto play a game that exposes something shockingabout their memories.This is going to blow your mind.Here is how it works.Take a look at these…

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