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IT’S DADDA scary creepypasta

Jennifer was excited. It was the first day of daycare for her two-year-old. She loved her baby so much but could only take being a marathon mom so long. Ten minutes before opening she rounded the corner to the daycare and noticed a long line of mostly moms already bargaining for position. It was this…

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Horror Short Film “The Dollmaker” | Presented by ALTER

I’ll need a set of clothes he wore at least once. Do not wash them. I’ll also need a lock of hair and a valuable possession of his. Can it be a baseball mitt? Mitt, toy, whatever, sure. As long as he cherished the thing. Does this really work? Nobody ever asked for their money…

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Pilipinas Got Talent 2018 Auditions: Mary Grace – Comedy Act

Robin: oh this is so scary Vice Ganda: it was really given to me. Acts like these are always given to me. Vice Ganda: Just when i’m about to go back to the hotel Vice Ganda: miss what’s your name? Angel: Robin can catch a bullet but not with Sadako Vice Ganda: what’s your name?…

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DOCTOR SLEEP – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

♪♪♪Just talk to the kid.You’re magic, like me.Now I need you to listen to me.The world’s a hungry place.A dark place.Hi, there.I only met two or three people like us.They died.When I was a kid, I bumped into these things.I don’t know about magic. I… I always called it the shining.

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Unfriended: Dark Web Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

Yo! Hey buddy! How you doing? -Yay! -It is game night. Ow Ow! Hey guys! You ready for this? I got a new laptop. Actually new? There’s this cyber-cafe that i’ve been working at and this computer was sitting in the lost and found for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Hang on. You stole…

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Half Woman Prank😱 -Julien Magic

okay one two three [Music] what’s up guys this is Julia magic I’m standing here with Konya and today work on up to pulling a woman in half delusion but as a prank she can have some back problems and we’re gonna get some help for people on the streets pull her apart and they…

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Halloween PRANK Gone Wrong 😱-Julien Magic

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] what’s up guys this is Julia magic Halloween special I’m in the suburbs of Stockholm it’s night late night midnight and some people are coming home late from their work so we’re gonna scare the shit out of them watch this excuse me but could you just possibly help me…

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