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‘Average Andy’ with the ‘Magic Mike Live’ Dancers

Now, let’s talk about something that people can’t get enough of Magic Mike.>>[APPLAUSE] >>Magic Mike, so we had some dancers on the show recently. We are still cleaning baby oil off the furniture.>>[LAUGH] >>And they’re starting a new live show in Vegas. And we had some of the world-class dancers teach my very average executive…

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The Girl Without a Phone – A Cinderella Story

Did you know that in ‘The Princess and the Frog’ she didn’t actually kiss the frog? Well of course she did! It turned into a prince after she threw it against a wall! Seriously? According to Brothers Grimm. Some of these old fairy tales, they’re not what we think they are. Well, I like the…

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Back To School Magic Trick REVEALED | Collins Key Tutorial

– What’s up, it’s Collins Key and for today’s video I am going to break the magician’s code. And I’m going to teach you a super easy magic trick that you can do for all of your friends when you go back to school. And basically, you’re gonna make your friends think you literally learned…

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Billy Idol – Hot In The City (Official Music Video)

(“Hot in the City”) ♪ Whoa ♪ ♪ Hot yeah ♪ ♪ Hot yeah ♪ ♪ Hot yeah ♪ ♪ Hot yeah ♪ ♪ Hot yeah ♪ ♪ Hot yeah ♪ ♪ Hot ♪ ♪ Stranger ♪ ♪ Stranger ♪ ♪ It’s hot here at night, lonely, black and quiet ♪ ♪ On a hot…

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‘Magic Mike XXL’ Official Trailer

[hissing noise] [welder hisses] [electronic bass beat] [three bass beats] [singers vocalize] [bass beat] [three bass beats] [three bass beats] [electronic orchestra music] [bass beats join orchestra music] [crowd cheers] – Nice to meet you. Magic. Magic Mike! – [laughs] [electronic music resumes]

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4 Touch Tricks That Feel Like Magic

*quiet electronic music* sound and touch Our sense of touch is intrinsically linked to our sense of hearing. Many surfaces make sounds when touched like rough sand paper. These sounds effect how we feel them. You can try it with this test. Write a short sentence with chalk on a chalkboard. You can write anything….

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Scary Magic Trick – Comedy Hypnosis Show

: Close up magic. : Over this way. Whatever you do, don’t move.: He’s looking at me. : Yeah, he’s looking at you. Let’s go turn him back to a belt. Put that back on, this belt.: What’s that? : No, no. Go ahead. What’re you doing man? Really go ahead. Take care of it….

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Disney Princess Pool Party

[RINGTONE] Hi. Hey, guys. Sorry Mulan couldn’t make it. She said that she had to get down to business to defeat on Huns. Ariel, why aren’t you wearing any seashells? Oh, I didn’t get the chance to go get D shells. The seashells were too small. I see Aurora already passed out. What are you…

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Worlds most amazing Magic tricks

Put money in and it`s gone But sometimes I get a problem it gets stuck and then it`s like stuck in there it gets out and sometimes i get like a drink A little yea….. a little Red me at the poker table you see it do practical magic it would be like..yes So that`s…

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