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The Other Side of Magic S01 E02 – Harry Houdini

In 1790 an upholsterer named Guilleret invented a restraining garment for the Bicêtre asylum in Paris. It was made with long sleeve sewn to the ends, which could be fixed to the patient’s body to prevent from injuring themselves or others. A few minutes after being worn, the straitjacket caused different effects on the patient:…

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A Magician Reveals his Tricks & Saws a Woman in Half – The Mysterious World of Magic

A lot of people think magic is just a fun hobby but for us it’s so much deeper than that. I’m Claude the Great. And I’m Candy And I’m a Professional Magician. And I’m a Professional Magician’s Assistant. Magic really became a part of our lives when our best friend Tom died in fifth grade….

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The Escape That Killed Magician “Genesta”

Please give a big applause to Christian Wedoey This is a can filled with 300 liters of water You can see it is completely full, the water is poring out when he is getting in Here we also have not one, but two pair of handcuffs, Here please check them out that this is genuine…

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World’s 7 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed #8 | Shin Lim | Dynamo | AGT | FactoFusion

Magic can be sometimes so instantaneous and perfect, that you can’t figure out even if it happens just before you. So be it Dynamo’s famous saree trick in India, or Demian Aditya’s greatest death escape, Hello and welcome back to FactoFusion, today we are gonna unlock the top secrets behind the world’s greatest magic tricks…

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An industrial wood chipper capable of reducing whole trees to dust in a matter of seconds. Just imagine what it could do to a body. Here come the girls. No time to imagine what they can do. There’s a dangerous escape coming up. Appropriately enough the magician has a solid pine box in the shape…

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You are about to hear a strange but true story Legend has it Harry Houdini the master magician once claimed that he could break out of any jail cell in the world all He had to do Was walk into that jail cell with his street clothes on I’ll be out of there in one…

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Welcome to the Magic Capital of the World

– Magic to me is the feeling that you get Christmas Eve when Santa Claus comes to your home and delivers presents. – Botania. The smile on children’s faces when the rabbit suddenly appears, they know that’s magic. – It’s my passion, it’s my hobby, it’s my vocation. It’s everything to me. – Welcome to…

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10 Magicians Who Died While On Stage (Magic Tricks Gone Wrong)

Welcome to Top10Archive! Come one, come all to the most magical Archive on YouTube! We have tricks that will blow your mind, illusions that will leave you breathless, and impossible feats of reality! Regardless of your beliefs on the matter, as evidenced with these ten tragic stories, not everything about magic is fake. For these…

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Top 10 GREATEST MAGICIANS Of ALL TIME (With Murray SawChuck)

[Jim]: Abracadabra!… Alla Peanut Butter Sandwich!… Open Sesame Seed! [Kelly]: Abracadabra! [Jim]: I already said that one. [Kelly]: Jim, I have a fancy wand. [Jim]: Eh, good point.. [Jim]: Mecca lecca.. [Kelly]: Jim, I think we bit off a little more then we can chew here.. [Jim]: Maybe you’re right.. Let me try one more…..

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CANDACE: Welcome back to SourceFed it’s a slow news day. I’m Candace Carrizales. AVA: And I’m Ava Gordy. CANDACE: C’mon everybody! Get on your feet! I can’t hear you!!!! Who want’s to talk about irrelevant magicians?! AVA: *silence* CANDACE: Ava. AVA: Oh me. I do. CANDACE: Great. It all started in May. Wait can we…

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