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Man On Fire Magic Card Trick

COMM: Most card players dream of being dealt a red hot poker hand, but this daredevil is taking it a little too literally. This is former James Bond stuntman, Steve Truglia, who’s staking his card skills against his life by setting himself on fire during a trick shuffle. Steve: I’ve been a professional stuntman and…

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How To Loom Bands Magic Tricks! DIY 6 Magic Tricks with Rubber Band & Unboxing YouTube Play Button

Hey loves! I have a little bit different video for you today. If you follow me on instagram then you may already know that I moved apartment recently. And since I moved the apartment I didn’t have time to do anything else… Like I didn’t have time to film DIY tutorials that take so much…

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How to do the Tic Tac Magic Trick

(upbeat music) (door screeches)>>Okay so. I have a whole box of clothing of my stuff all inside this thing. And I got a whole bunch of t-shirts. And I have to go ahead and hang ’em up inside of this closet right here, but! The issue is I don’t have enough hangers so we gotta…

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How to Do the Floating Coffee Cup Trick | Magic Tricks

[music] Male 1: Hey, Heather, could I borrow your coffee, actually? Heather: Sure. Male 1: OK. Cool. This is pretty interesting. I don’t know if I could pull it off though, but watching. All right. Whoa … [SS] … Heather: [laughs] Male 1: Try it one more time. Heather: Whoa. Male 1: Whoa, whoa. One…

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Realistic Cutting Hand Magic Trick (Awesome Magic Trick)

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How to Do the Blank Deck Card Trick | Magic Tricks

Rogue: Hey Heather. Heather: Hi. Rogue: I’m going to show you something. Why don’t you readily pick a card, have here. All the pips have gone, totally disappeared. If you can do a little bit of magic for me actually Heather. All I wanted to do is snap your fingers over the deck, just like…

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How to Do the Pencil thru Dollar Trick | Magic Tricks

Male: Hey, have you any money on you, like a bill, a high bill? Female: Are you going to give it back? Male: Yes. I’ll try. Oh, wow. High roller. Okay, hold your for a second. You’ve seen on T.V. where they cut a lady in half and stuff like that, right? Female: Yes. Male:…

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How to Do the Rubber Pencil Trick | Magic Tricks

Rogue: Can I borrow your pencil for a second? Heather: Sure. Rogue: OK, I’ll show you a really, really cool illusion. Check this out. So, it’s pretty solid right the wood? But watch, you can actually, but wait is this made out of rubber? Heather: Woah. Rogue: I create. Heather: It does look like it’s…

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How to Break Pencil with an Index Card | Magic Tricks

Rogue: Hey Heather guess what. Heather: What? Rogue: I used to be a ninja before I became a magician. No, I’m serious. I can turn any ordinary object into a weapon. Want to see a demonstration? Heather: Okay. Should I be scared? Rogue: Not really. Take this pencil. And it’s pretty solid, right? Heather: Yes….

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What’s Up YouTube its Roi! So today i’m going to be doing some magic tricks you Probably Havent Seen in your life or you Guys Who don’t know this but I have Been practicing Magic for like four months Now and i think today is the day that i will show you guys What i…

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