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Mr. Fun Entices The Naughty Costar – Magicians Got Talent | Funny Pencil Animation

Welcome to Mr. Fun’s Series Enjoy watching this new episode

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5 Amazing Magic Tricks You Won’t Believe At The First Glance

A rubber band trick… :3

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How To Do 14 Valentine’s Day Magic Tricks

Watch… Your heart! Watch Cupid’s arrow… Okay check out the coin… Wave over the card… you can turn the 2D image into 3D See my finger inside the water? (heartbeat sound) (gasp) (coughing) (laughing)

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How to VANISH a CARD using MAGIC! (tutorial)

(whistling) (slurping) – So good. Taste like heaven. Yo, what is up guys? Alex Boyer here and today you will learn how to vanish a playing card. Also, stick to the end of the video and I’ll show you how to make it appear as well. So stay tuned because you’re here for a treat…

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Man On Fire Magic Card Trick

COMM: Most card players dream of being dealt a red hot poker hand, but this daredevil is taking it a little too literally. This is former James Bond stuntman, Steve Truglia, who’s staking his card skills against his life by setting himself on fire during a trick shuffle. Steve: I’ve been a professional stuntman and…

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5 Simple and Fun Magic Tricks and Challenges

Impress them with magic, beat them with challenges!! (you may lose btw)

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10 MAGIC PRANKS! Get your FRIENDS & FAMILY! NataliesOutlet

hoy Tu ser aprendizaje varios Bromas Involucrando brujería, errar… yo media magia heh heh heh Hola ahí, y Bienvenido a magia pranking 101 Esta es to Paja, yo saber Hoy te voy a enseñar una pareja muy simple Favores fáciles y sorprendentes que puedes Juega con tus amigos Vas a engañarlos, vas a hacer que…

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5 Super Awesome Magic Tricks You Can Do

My finger eat my finger…

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Chapslick Magic Kit | 10 Magic Tricks with Chap Stick/Lip Balm

Hey guys, I’m Dan Hawes I’m here to tell you about a little thing called chap slip What chaps like is is a brand new collection for performing a magic With an everyday object. Will you buy chaps like you’re gonna receive 10 original custom-made? durable waterproof Gimmicks and practice tubes so you can get…

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Top 10 Greatest Magic Tricks Of All Time Revealed Part 2

10 Popular Magic Tricks Revealed Go back to the days when you used to watch magic shows and come back thinking that magicians really have special powers that defy the scientific laws applicable to the rest of us! It’s okay, we have all been there. As we have grown up, we have realized that we…

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