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DIY Phone Case Life Hacks! 20 Phone DIY Projects & Popsocket Crafts!

Hope your phone is ready for a complete makeover because today I’m going to show you 20 easy DIY phone projects that will leave you speechless! Hey Sara! You look great today. Oh, thank you! No offence but you look kind of boring. Can I pimp you up? Umm, really? OK, let’s do it! The…

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Penn Jillette on Atheism and Islamaphobia

About three years ago I came in to Big Think and I talked very strongly and very passionately about atheism, how I did not believe in God. And over the past three years I opened my heart to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit filled me. And all of a sudden…

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Hello everybody. welcome back to channel. Mehdi is here with another video… Today i want to talk about 15 great fragrances that got for me Most compliments… great reactions from ladies in 2019… i chose them Affordable fragrances… i don’t want to put Niche fragrances here… i would like to everybody be able to afford…

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✔ Minecraft: Amazing Shade Illusion

AMAZING SHADE ILLUSION This illusion is called the checker shadow illusion. This is a famous illusion and it is my favorite! :] It has to be made somewhere partly covered by a shadow. Make a checker pattern using white and gray wool. Push away all sheep. The illusion is ready! I’ll give you a moment…

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MAGIC OF LIGHTS at Castrol Raceway – Travel Edmonton 2017 – Winter Magical Light Show

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Make Your Own Magical Mushroom Lights

Hello, and welcome back to DIYPerks. In this video we’ll be making some really charming mushroom lights. As you can see they look pretty magical, yet are still quite organic up close. This is a very fun project, and the method we’ll be using allows you to get really creative with your designs. For example,…

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How to make Magic Milk Art / Science using milk, soap and food coloring!

Today on RMC Create Station we are making Magic Milk Experiment. Stick around. Hi, I’m Riley and today all you’ll need is a plate, food coloring , q- tip, and dish soap. We are using Dawn. I’ve already put some milk in my plate. Put four drops of each color into your milk. Next, dip…

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Coke Can Magic Trick

Hello Friends, Whats up guys!. Tonight I gonna show you the trick with my empty coke can and you can see its crushed from all the sides and it is also empty. Next thing I gonna use is this cup, So by using this cup I will try to refill this empty can so first…

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How to make New Year Magic card 2018 | New year cards 2018 | Handmade Cards

How to make New Year Magic card 2018 | New year card 2018 | Handmade Cards

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