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How to Read Body Language of the Hands + Magic Trick from GelasiMagic

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2009 Close-up – Norwegian Magic Competition WITH SUBTITLES!

I need a deck of cards for this. Anyone who has a deck of cards that I can borrow, put your hands up! May I borrow your deck? I also need someone from the audience. Would you please join me up on stage? What’s your name? Liv. Give Liv a big round of applause! You’ve…

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The Impossible Card – Android Magic Trick 2013

Here is a card trick anyone could do with a borrowed deck of cards and the impossible card up magician would then pass the phone onto the spectator wouldn’t touch the frame from this point forward now ask the spectator to shuffle the deck as much as they can’t once they’re happy with the shuffle…

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Money Risking Trick

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Revealed – Android Magic Trick App 2014

Give the cards a quick shuffle and a couple of cuts… Now ask the spectator to tell you when to stop… there take that card and to place the phone on top now watch… this works with any card from inside the deck.

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Annoying Orange – React to CRAZY OPTICAL ILLUSIONS!

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The most amazing card trick ever!!! By Javi Benitez on Fools Penn & Teller

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How to Draw The Impossible Triangle with 3d Cubes: Optical Illusion

Hi, Tom here and in this week’s Circle Line Art School video I will show you one way, a simple way, to draw the impossible triangle out of cubes, first draw a simple diamond shape, it needs to be wider than it is high and the diagonal lines need to be parallel to each other,…

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Impossible Street Magic – Coin Thru Bottle by Magician Tristan (Tristan Magic)

Good evening! How are you? I’m fine Can you lend me a coin? If you have… I will need a coin Fine I will also need… …this bottle Look something interesting If i touch the coin behind the bottle… …an illusion is created It looks like the coin is inside the bottle It give us…

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How to Draw The Penrose Staircase: Endless Optical illusion

Hi, Tom here, welcome to my new video How to Draw the Penrose Stairs, the Penrose stairs is a variation on the impossible triangle made famous by the artist M.C. Escher, in this optical illusion developed by Roger Penrose, the stairs look like they continually rise! the first step is to draw a vertical line…

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