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Magic Trick – Levitating My Car

Okay, I’m going to levitate my car and there are no special fx used in this. Just watch…

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The most amazing card trick ever!!! By Javi Benitez on Fools Penn & Teller

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An Incredible iPhone Illusion

Do you have your cellphone on you, Ellen? I wanna try something a bit bigger. You have a cellphone on you?>>I do not. >>You do not.>>When I’m working I don’t- >>Twitch, you have a cellphone we could use?>>I do. >>Come on over here. Ellen, let’s do this with Twitch’s phone. >>He’s waiting for a baby…

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Welcome back to Cool Magic ForUm! I’m real excited today guys cuz I’ve got a really cool fun trick for you guys stick around this is gonna be a good one! Good to have you here! I’m Cuz Red you can can me Cuz. Welcome to Cool Magic ForUm Tell you what if it’s your…

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Daft Punk ft Pharrell – Get Lucky (The Bass Wizard)

So you guys just saw my all bass version of Daft Punk’s new song Get Lucky. Hope you guys enjoyed that. Make sure you subscribe to my channel, check out my other videos, check out my website, TheBassWizard.com. I’m relaunching it soon with a bunch of tutorials and videos and lessons all kinds of other…

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10 Products That WILL Trick Your Brain!

How’d that get in there dude do that actually got me for a second is that wild? What is up everybody welcome to dope or nope Today we are joined by the 3 tan men. We got rid of the other guy. We got myself We got this handsome young man right here. You guys…

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Best Incredible Optical illusion Halloween Costume | Bigoted

Top #25 Optical illusions of Halloween Costume #1 Taking out the trash #2 Tiny Fisherman #3 Jetpack Man #4 Gorilla carrying a kid #5 Man carry a toilet #6 Aquarium Swimmer #7 Rollercoaster #8 Head on a platter #9 Headless Scientist #10 Headless Butler #11 Hans Man #12 Labor and delivery #13 Invisible Man #14…

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The ring of fire – amazing magic trick

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The Flying Ring magic trick

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