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The Coin Vanishes in Their Hands!!! 3 Live Performances With the Raven

Diamon a penny this is a really expensive trick Maybe a hold up hold up to your hands Yeah And then here we’ll use this one turn it down I’m gonna give you the diamond the penny and just like wrap your hand around it like that Now you can relax that hand. There you…

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Chapslick Magic Kit | 10 Magic Tricks with Chap Stick/Lip Balm

Hey guys, I’m Dan Hawes I’m here to tell you about a little thing called chap slip What chaps like is is a brand new collection for performing a magic With an everyday object. Will you buy chaps like you’re gonna receive 10 original custom-made? durable waterproof Gimmicks and practice tubes so you can get…

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WOW!!! Linking Key Magic Trick

Alright guys what’s up and happy Father’s Day I haven’t done a magic video just straight out magic video in quite a while so today we’re gonna head over to the hardware store I’m gonna do some magic for you involving I don’t know some things but I guess it feels appropriate to do it…

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