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Camera Wizard: An interactive video series about shooting basic video (with Corey Vidal)

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Magic Reveal Spinner Card

Hi crafty friends. I’m here today to show you how I made this card here. When you grab the ribbon and spin it it reveals a hidden image or message. It’s an amazing impact and surprisingly simple. Let’s get started. I start with a card base. I’ve used half an A4 sheet and that measures…

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The ring of fire – amazing magic trick

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The Flying Ring magic trick

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The amazing pen magic trick

Oh I you you

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Exploding bubbles turn to balls magic trick

hey I’m you you you

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BLINDFOLDED Axe-Throwing Magic Trick!!

♫ Wes ♫ Just Wes ♫ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Wes ♫ Give me more ♫ Give me Wes ♫ North, East, South, and Wes – Hey guys! Guess what. We’re gonna do a card trick, but it’s gonna involve a tomahawk and a blindfold. Basically, you’re gonna pick a card, I’m gonna put…

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Kyra gets Magical Powers: Fun at the Magic House St. Louis

Hey Kamdenboy! Remember when I learned magic? That was at the Magic House! Hmm. That was so much fun. Happy!! Hi girls! (Girls) Hiii!!! Did you guys have fun today? (Girls) Yeah!!! Did you really?!? Woudl you want to come back? Magic is so much fun. Magic is so much fun. Byeeee!!!!! Hey KB Kids….

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Interactive Card Trick

you you

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