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This is the third hidden-object iPad game we’ve gotten from our good friends at G5 Entertainment this month, along with Spirit of Wandering and Letters from Nowhere. After playing this one, I’d still put Letters from Nowhere at the top of the heap. But the Magician’s Handbook comes in a close second place. I guess…

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Will Robots replace Magicians?

This is my new friend Pepper! Hello everyone! And we are about to do some magic for you. Alright. Thank you. Ready, Pepper? Your turn! Wow! Fantastic! Now, what can he do for you? Pretty much anything! He can do the most complicated tasks. For example: solving a Rubik’s Cube. And he doesn’t even have…

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A Guide to Using Magic Select in Paint 3D

Pressing the Magic Select button will reveal handles that you can use to select the part of an image that you want to cut out. When you have made your selection, press Next and the tool will intuitively highlight an area to cut out. Use the Add and Remove brushes to help refine the selection….

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The Amazing iPad Magician

– When I saw what our next guest could do with an iPad, I was blown away. All the way from Germany, please welcome magician Simon Pierro. I saw something that was on ellentube, I think, but I have not seen what you’re doing today. I’m going to be surprised. – Thanks for having me….

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Don’t you know that Android tablets are way cheaper than iPads? (Ian) SHUT UP!!! (munching) Ian! IAN! (testily) What? Dude, you gotta try some of these chips. They’re SO awesome. Aw, man, I love carbs, but I’ve kinda got a date coming over. (scoffing) You, uh, look at your face? No… why would I– OH…

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Free iPhone Magic Trick App – “Magic-Box”

A prediction is made and kept hidden in the magic box The audience is then asked to select one of the Queens The audience taps on the card to reveal the same chosen card!

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Angry Birds iPad Magic

Hi it’s me Simon the official Angry Birds-Magician today I’m going to hit the streets with my iPad to show people the new seasons update called Arctic Expedition. Hi Do you know “Angry Birds Seasons”? – Yes The bad piggies sail away with the stolen egg Ooh – to stop them you have to dive…

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