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GIANT SNAKE PRANK on Rebecca’s Best Friend! (Spending 24 HOURS Surprising Tricks on Crush Challenge)

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Disney’s Baymax from Big Hero 6 In Real Life | Oh My Disney IRL

[music] Ba-da-la-la-la-la-la. [sneeze] Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion. You have a mild allergy to pollen. I suggest you move away from your friend who is covered in pollen. You appear stressed. May I scratch you behind the ears? I am not a licensed crossing guard, but it is safe to cross. How…

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Magic Wishing Well 🙏 Lilliana’s Secret Laboratory! – Kiddyzuzaa Land | WildBrain Kiddyzuzaa

– [Child] Kiddyzuzaa. – We’re here. The magic wishing well. – (gasps) Is that it? – Quick, pass me the Zuzaan pennies. – This doesn’t look very magical. – I wish for another Zuzaan penny. – Look, I really don’t think that this is… – Aha, see? – Olivia, this is the same penny that…

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Malice & The Beanstalk 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land Season 2: Episode 2 🏰 Magic Potion Transforms Trees!

– [Kids] Kiddyzuzaa. (upbeat music) – Keep your eyes peeled for the Zuzberry tree, Esme. It’s notoriously hard to find. (Esme sniffing) – I think it’s just around the corner. – That’s amazing. Well done, Esme. – And here it is. – Yah. – This is strange. – Very strange. – Right. Come on, Esme,…

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what does that vary buddy welcome back to the channel today i’m joined by aaron esser let’s go over 2 million subscribers one of the best months almost sorry almost three almost three when the best nerf youtubers out there and Aaron and I were at a nerf event yesterday which was pretty crazy more…

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For the First Time in Forever Reprise – in Real Life | Disney Frozen | #frozen

Elsa? It’s me, Anna. Anna? Elsa Whoa! You look different! It’s a good different. And this place, it’s amazing! Thank you I never knew what I was capable of Elsa, I’m so sorry if I would have known, I would have never done that. No no, it’s OK You don’t have to apologize but… you…

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Baby Heroes Supergirl vs Hulk vs funny Magician in Real Life Fun Comic Video | SuperHero Kids

Five! Yes! I get to go again. Cool! Baby ex maximus! Now you’ll be babies forever! What just happened? Me don’t know. Hulk winning! Hulk bored. Play this instead. But we need to finish our game. Hulk try to fix Do you need help? Hulk got it Hey! Hulk was playing game! I can play…

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Magic Eraser Trouble! PopJam Drawing Challenge SuperHeroKids

It’s time for the Pop Jam daily challenge! First I’ll practice on paper. Then I’ll draw it on the app and finally I’ll share it with my pop jammer friends! Hmmm, what should I do? I need to clean this marker off before it sets in. What are you doing Hope? I’m just practicing my…

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Broadway’s Harry Potter Jamie Parker Does an IRL Magic Trick

-There’s a lot of magic in the show. -Yeah. -We can say that. What can we say about the show? What is “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?” -Well, it’s a story about wizards. -Yeah. -So, those who know the books know that the last book finishes 19 years later. Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny…

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I Hired 10 People On Fiverr to Design Random Absurd Products!

Design a hammock that also functions as fashion. Look at that front view side view hammock look What’s going on guys. welcome to dope or nope, the channel which we rate products and Anything else we can find a dope or a nope? And you know what today we’re doing something a little unique This…

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