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The Man with the Golden Voice: “I Went from Homeless to Hollywood” | Where Are They Now | OWN

[MUSIC PLAYING] TED WILLIAMS: You know, on January 4, 2011 I was again homeless and penniless and hopeless, in some people’s eyes. And when I got the call that they were looking for a homeless guy with a– a golden voice, I had no idea, really, who they were talking about until someone called me…

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BEATBOXING CARD MAGIC :: Collins Key ft. Joey Gatto

– What’s up man? (claps) (humming) (buzzing) (beat-boxing) (buzzing) (thumping) (beat-boxing) (shuffling) (beat-boxing) (claps)

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The Magic Key | Jacob Sartorius (Feat. Collins Key)

Here take us out. I think that your card is that one All right, so try to keep calm when I do this trick All right guys. I’m sorry. I got to head in and I got to get a bite to eat really quick, but um yeah But I’ll be back in like a…

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