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Aidan’s Magic Corner: Emily Blunt’s Mind Blown by Kid Magician Aidan McCann

You know, normally I make sure I’m the most magical person on set. It’s in my contract. But today I’ve made an exception. Please give a warm welcome to Emily Blunt. Hi. Hi, Emily. How are you? Good. How are you? Thanks for inviting me. Shall I sit? Yes. OK. That is the guest chair….

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Jon Dorenbos Surprises Adorable 4-Year-Old with a Car!

All right, Audrey, are you ready to play a game, too? All right, follow me, come here. Because you know what? Earlier one of your neighbors won a car. And guess what? We have a car right here that’s got your name on it. But you have to play a game, OK? OK. And right…

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Adorable Kid Dancer Liang Liang Busts a Move!

Say hello! Hi. Hi, Grace. Hi. How are you? I’m good. [SPEAKING CHINESE] What did he say? They’re all up there. Yep, everybody’s up there. Hi, your son is adorable. [SPEAKING CHINESE] Thank you. Yes. So this is your first time in America. Do you like America? [SPEAKING CHINESE] [SPEAKING CHINESE] [SPEAKING CHINESE] [SPEAKING CHINESE]…

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Kid Magician Aidan McCann Stuns Ellen with an Invisible Card Trick

Aidan McCann, how are you? Great. Thank you for inviting me again. Oh. Thanks. I know, it’s a cute accent, right? So we surprised you with a video message from Shin Lim last time you were here. And then you went to Vegas to meet him, right? Yeah. How was that? That was great. There…

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