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I Want to be a Wizard! | Halloween Songs for Children | CheeriToons

I don’t like bats and I don’t like brooms I don’t like boiling stinky mushrooms These dusty books that make me sneeze and mangy cats that make me wheeze The teachers here are so unfair, they put me in the naughty chair I think it would be really cool to spend my time at wizard…

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Magical Fairy Garden – Bring The Fairy Magic

Bring life to an enchanted, miniature cottage and garden for your very own fairy with this wonderful little product. The set comes complete with everything you need to start your magical adventure, from a tiny clothes line, mini toad stools, and clothes, to multi coloured pebbles and grass seeds to brighten up your garden. You…

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Instantly Decorated Christmas Tree | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC TRICKMAS

(screaming) – Skeleton, you brought me back? – Well, yeah. I was trying this nice Christmas spirit thing. I hated it. – Oh okay, thanks. – Cross you next time. (laughing) (ringing) – Walker, I’m back! – You’re back? Where’d you go? – Nevermind, we have to help Nutty. – Help Nutty? He’s evil. –…

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3 Mind-Bending Christmas Magic Tricks | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC TRICKMAS

– Hmm, what was I doing just now? I can’t remember, (gasps) cool wand. – Hello, Walker, do I not exist or something? – Ugh, you finally don’t exist and I don’t even get to take credit. – Skeltal what are you doing here? – What are you doing here? This is the cold empty…

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Magic Color Transformation Barbie Trick #ad | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC TRICKMAS

– [Akira] This episode is a paid advertisement for Mattel. – Mm, mm, mm. – Walker, are you okay? Well, I guess Nutty got to you. Did you get a piece of the reindeer wand? Oh no, Did Nutty put a curse on you to stop speaking? Did Nutty get a piece of the reindeer…

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Akira and Walker vs. An Evil Nutcracker! #ad | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC TRICKMAS

– [Announcer] This episode is a paid advertisement for Mattel. – Okay, let’s go over this. We’ve got a magical deck of cards with clues to help find the infamous reindeer wand, but it turns out the wand is guarded by an evil nutcracker. – And we have to outsmart this nutcracker if we want…

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30 FREE GEMS – DECEMBER 2019 – My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic MLP

[Music] … Cheer… [Music]

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Flying Barbie Trick #ad | JUNK DRAWER MAGIC TRICKMAS

– [Announcer] This episode is a paid advertisement for Mattel. (festive music) – Thanks for taking me to Universal Studios, Akira. – Yeah, maybe clearing my head will help with these handcuffs. I’ve been at this trick for hours. – I’ve got the key right here. – I don’t want your help. I want to…

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Aslı Yaren Anneannesinin Motorunu Uğur Böceğine Dönüştürdü | Yaren and Grandmother Magic Car

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Luigi’s Mansion™ 3 – Trick or Defeat (10/31) – Nintendo Switch

[Nintendo Switch Snap][wolf howls] [ominous music] [male narrator] -Luigi and friends were invited to a special hotel get-away.[ghoulish laugh in distance]So special…[thunder clap][door slam] [music stops] they may never get away.[spooky noises] [scary music] Can Luigi find the courage and tools, to save his friends from a hotel of ghastly ghosts? [Luigi] -No, no! -Find…

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