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Brawl Direct Challenge Stream against chat on Magic the Gathering Arena! | Pixie Kitten Plays

hello hello hello my life no hi everybody I’m there’s just a delay hey everybody what’s going on I’m playing some arena and I have some codes to give away and I’m gonna start out my very first era challenge with magic with zippy hi magic mizuki what’s oh my gosh let’s play a game…

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Playing MORE Brawl on Arena with Sephara, Vilis & Korvold | Magic the Gathering | Pixie Kitten Plays

hello I’m here it’s not dead air it’s just a preview screen hey baltan look at those emojis hey Mohammed how are you all doing tonight I’m doing just fine um I’m actually kind of tired because I stayed up till like 11 o’clock last night because I went to see cats so it was…

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