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Only Using Spray, Turning your curly hair to straight hair like magic

in the first video about inside lock, as cookie vide mandom worker passed me stuff to do how did he pass to you? This is not usual spray to fix hair you can check about detail in cookie video He passed me like that and now that video is released! hi This is hunngee TV…

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Producer REAGIERT auf ATEEZ – Illusion

Again a wonderful good morning And welcome Kelly MissesVlog I’ve told her a few minutes ago (for you it is the next day) I’ve told her a few minutes ago (for you it is the next day) time-jumps because of the pre-production ATEEZ has released 2 new songs WAVE and Illusion. We were able to…

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ATEEZ- Illusion The bluish sun The purple star Flowers are dancing The songs an extra From somewhere Someone calls to me *Shh he heard us* We party all day (We party all day) *baby energy* It’s like a lie The view is like a lie I close and open my eyes Close and open several…

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(ATEEZ’s emergency meeting) (‘Wave’ or ‘Illusion’? A meeting for choosing the title) Director, come on in Come this way Sir, hold on I’m the host of the meeting Oh, right I have to host the meeting Hongjoong put a lot of effort for this meeting Thank you We have a long way to go, but…

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ENG SUB | 191119 Talking About Behind The Scene of MAGIC ISLAND MV

“SOOBIN is so handsome”. SOOBIN? “Handsome”. I’m always amazed by how fast the comments are coming up. Why don’t you copy that? Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. – Hello. – Hi. – Hi. – Hello. “Cute”. It’s for me. I know it, everyone. “SOOBIN is so handsome”. I just pulled my hair up but my forehead…

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[MV] BEATWIN(비트윈) _ illusion(일루션)

What’s going on Between You & me I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere Is it really the first time we met? I’m used to the looks The familiarity lures me I feel like I’ve seen you in The fantasy world Even if it’s a dream falling into you I still want you Girl, in…

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ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘ILLUSION’ Official MV Making Film

ILLUSION MV MAKING FILM The film set for the first individual shooting for ILLUSION Hello~! We’ve finally arrived at the film set for music video of ILLUSION! Q. What is the killing point for this shooting? Well… Probably, when we enter to the unknown world Those illusions like we’re entering into the unknown world?! Like…

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER Announce New Album ‘The Dream Chapter: MAGIC’ | Billboard News

We’ve got new music on the way from TOMORROW X TOGETHER. On Tuesday, the Big Hit Entertainment group announced their next studio album, ‘The Dream Chapter: MAGIC’ is dropping October 21st. The project, which tells the second story of the guys chasing their dreams, was unveiled via a sparkling motion graphic video on Big Hit’s…

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BTS (방탄소년단) ‘MAGIC SHOP’ unOfficial MV

I know that you’re hesitating Because even if you tell the truth It will return to you as scars I’m not going to say anything cliché like “Have strength” I’m going to let you hear my story, let you hear it What did I say, I said we will win I couldn’t believe it for…

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