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Penn & Teller: Fool Us | Magician Profile: Axel Hecklau | The CW

– Teller all you have to know about my act is at the end, everything will be okay. – My name is Axel Hecklau. I am a magician from Berlin in Germany. – and if it’s not okay,… it’s not the end. Okay? – [Axel] To create magic of course it takes a long time….

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Awkward Magician

My name is Andrew Hales. I’m a magician if I told you magic was real Would you believe me? All right, what’s your name nice to meet you Katie? Do you believe in magic? Uh, yeah I guess so. Do you believe in levitation? No. Okay well today you’re about to– you’re about to uhh…

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Vegas 24 Ep. 9: Piff the Magic Dragon

Ladies and gentlemen you’re just moments away from seeing The Godzilla of Magic, The Chief Wizard of Lizards, Piff the Magic Dragon! Why couldn’t we do this at… 7:00 p.m? After a nice dinner? Vegas at 11 a.m is one of the most depressing sights known to mankind No, it’s not that bad. There’s people…

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Penn & Teller: Fool Us | Magician Profile: Moxie CrimeFighter | The CW

– Penn and Teller were born with magic running through their veins. And now we find out if it runs in the family. – Whoa. – We will be doing a trick with my daughter, Moxie. The guest I’m most excited about. Friends, the girl you see on stage with us is what we, in…

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The Naked Magicians Hilariously Reveal Kit Hoover’s Celebrity Hall Pass | Access

>>How do they do that? By the way, they’re closed, thank goodness.>>At least for now. Wait, let me introduce you first. You’re making me talk fast. More cloekting doesn’t come up. Before taking their tour around the U.S. — Did you get any of what I said?>>The naked magicians, we’re from Australia and now we’re…

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Penn & Teller: Fool Us | Magician Profile: Adrian Carratala | The CW

(applause) Sharply dressed and ready to fool here’s Adrián Carratalá! – I’m Adrián Carratalá! and I’m from Spain. I perform comedy magic and I create my own tricks. I’m an inventor. – What I’m going to show you today may look like an ordinary trick, but don’t blink because I’ve taken it one step further….

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Channing Tatum’s ‘Magic Mike’ Surprise

I received a letter from a young man. I want to share it with you. Dear Ellen, my fiance, Lia, is one heck of a gal. She works in social services and helps others every day. When I say she has the biggest heart, I’m talking huge. She is the most amazing person I’ve ever…

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Searching for the BEST Magic Trick!!

– What’s up guys? Here at Magic Live with my buddy, Julius Dein. – What’s going on guys, how ya doing? – And today we are at Magic Live looking for what are we looking for today? – We are looking for some of the best magic tricks in the game, stuff that’s gonna blow…

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Penn & Teller: Fool Us | Magician Profile: Jon & Owen – The Passing Zone | The CW

– Thank you, everyone, I’m Jon. – And my name is Owen and we are The Passing Zone. It would be hilarious if two jugglers fooled two magicians. – [Jon] Wouldn’t that be great? – [Owen] Oh, man (laughs). – [Jon] Combining the two, juggling and magic. – Very seldom seen. – And seldom asked…

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Friday Night Las Vegas Street Magic Madness – Benno Six magic #19

If I take a rope right Now you always try to do sth interesting right but if you just take like a rope and lets say I`ll tie a knot Like that So 2 fingers and like that they cut WTF Now you got 2 ropes right a short one and a long one right…

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