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Use ANY Deck of Cards and Look Like a Pro With this Card Trick

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Every deck is 26 black cards 26 red cards. You got a fantastic memory You can mix them all up and remember which ones are black and which ones are red World-champion memory experts can memorize a whole deck of cards in under a minute but I’m about to teach you how to do it…

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Learn Magic Tricks: Twisting Arm Illusion (REVEALED)

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Learn Close Up Magic With Cards || Doc Docherty LIVE ACT

Hey Doc Daugherty here and this is my act This is my bread and butter Material for performing at restaurants a use of material on a weekly and sometimes daily basis and I have been using it for years Each effect is designed to get big reactions and have tons of room for spectator interaction…

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Learn Creative Magic! || Bizzaro and The Shocker LIVE ACT

How’s it going out there in penguin land I’m the shocker That’s bizarro. And this is our act. We are gonna teach you a 30-minute show that is full of madness mayhem and magic something that we’ve done a Magic Castle You might have seen us on Bester’s of illusion wizard wars Fool us with…

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Why do magician’s use pen names? w/Alexander Marsh

Alexander Mars, thanks for joining me here on the penguin podcast really enjoy watching your lecture. I was actually Sure that’s coming out soon. I found myself sitting in the back I want to start this off because you’ve got two names I have yes and He’s Alexander Marsh and Alex McAleer. Is that correctly…

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Learn to Read Minds From a Champion of Magic! || Alexander Marsh LIVE ACT

Hello, I’m Alexander Bosch And this is my act the act you will learn here is my go to corporate and parlor show. It’s fast paced. It’s funny It’s amazing. This is material. I have used to forming large theatres in every major city in the United States and UK I’m the only Mentalist featured…

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The cards turn blank in their hands! || Miracle Monte by Anthony Owen

So sure fight for money So if you’re not give me all your money now My name is Anthony Owen and I’m here to tell you about miracle Monte It’s a bit confusion because sometimes it looks like this more than one example tie the top card is the king Beside the middle card is…

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Magic you can do at a moments notice! || Not This. This! by David Regal

I’m david regal and I can’t tell you how many times my magical life has been saved with not this They walked into an office they say that’s mr. Anderson show them some magic I know what you’re thinking I left my deck at home. Well, if my thumb tip at home while all bosses…

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