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My EASY English grammar trick for yes/no questions

[singing] I wanna know if you’ve seen the rain coming down on a sunny day. Oh hey, one second. Sorry for my terrible karaoke. Hey everyone, I’m Alex, thanks for clicking and welcome to this lesson on answering yes or no questions in English. So, today, I am going to give you a simple trick…

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How to READ FASTER: 2 tricks

Man, I really have to read this book and I just don’t have the time. Hi. James from engVid. If you’re like me, you have to read a lot of material. If you are studying English or you’re learning English, you probably don’t like to read, which is too bad, because reading is one of…

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YOUR LATEST TRICK – Learn It On Sax In 5 Mins! (Dire Straits) Alto AND Tenor #23

Hello again YouTube, I’m Pro saxophonist Jamie Anderson and on this video I’m going to teach you how to play the famous sax line on Your Latest Trick by Dire Straits, played by the one and only Michael Brecker. In this free sax lesson for beginners or intermediate players I’m going to teach you how…

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ABC Song | Super Simple Songs

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Now I know my ABC Next time won’t you sing with me

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3 tricks for learning English – prepositions, vocabulary, structure

Hi. James from www.engvid.com. I’d normally be reading, but I’m putting my finishing touches on. Our expensive prop department — “props” are things you use in movies to demonstrate things, or a “prop” might be a marker or a pen or a car, right? Our prop department is so poor I had to draw a…

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Daft Punk ft Pharrell – Get Lucky (The Bass Wizard)

So you guys just saw my all bass version of Daft Punk’s new song Get Lucky. Hope you guys enjoyed that. Make sure you subscribe to my channel, check out my other videos, check out my website, TheBassWizard.com. I’m relaunching it soon with a bunch of tutorials and videos and lessons all kinds of other…

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Hallelujah – Solo Bass Cover (The Bass Wizard)

Hey, what’s up guys, it’s Marc. This is my submission to the My Music Masterclass Contest. If you like it, please VOTE for me. The link is in the description box. Thanks!

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I Want to be a Wizard! | Halloween Songs for Children | CheeriToons

I don’t like bats and I don’t like brooms I don’t like boiling stinky mushrooms These dusty books that make me sneeze and mangy cats that make me wheeze The teachers here are so unfair, they put me in the naughty chair I think it would be really cool to spend my time at wizard…

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How To Draw An Impossible Triangle Optical Illusion – Impossible Shapes

Hi this is Ethan Nguyen here from MyDrawingTutorials.com and in this lesson, you’re going to learn how to draw a simple optical illusion called, “the impossible triangle.” The reason is this illusion is called “the impossible triangle” is because it is a shape that can not actually exist in real life. But despite the name,…

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My secret English vowel pronunciation trick!

Buh-clue. Hi. I’m Ronnie. I have something that… Oh my god, this is amazing. Honestly, this lesson will change your life. It changed my life when my good friend, Leaf, told me about this. Leaf, thank you; grammar god, you are pronunciation god – Leaf. Awesome. So, I’ve been trying to figure this out for…

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