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– Hey guys, how are you doing? My name is Robby. This is my craft corner! And today, we’re gonna be doing some fun magic. Oh, there’s my thumb! (gasping) Whoa, it popped off! Just kidding, it’s still attached to my hand. Oh boy, let’s hope that their magic tricks are a little better. –…

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40+ Cooking Tricks to Become a Really Good Cook

Hey, what’s for dinner tonight? If this kind of question makes you feel a little uneasy — because you don’t consider yourself the best cook in the world, then turn off those competitive cooking shows – and tune in here! I’m about to disclose some really cool cooking tricks. Having them under your sleeve will…

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Cool Trick With Balloons and Coke

Frozen on the outside liquid beverage on the inside very very refreshing hey, what’s up guys welcome back I got a very cool experiment for you today. You might remember a couple of weeks ago I was hanging out in La with my friend Logan Paul, and we tried taking flat Dr. Pepper putting in…

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Bets You’ll Always Win! Back To School Pranks! Teacher Edition!

Class you know, there are 30,000 species of fish in the world and that’s only the ones we know of isn’t that interesting miss? Yes Wengie. Have you ever heard of the matchstick fish? That doesn’t sound like a real fish Wengie here I’ll show you okay fine. What is it? Tada the matchstick fish…

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6 Fun Cooking Tricks

1: Colored Pasta Okay, start by taking some pasta and add it into some boiling water with salt and olive oil, then like you do, cook it and separate it out. Once you’ve removed the water, you take a little bit of the pasta and add it into a bowl, just like this. Then you…

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TOP 10 Magnet Science Experiments & Tricks from Mr. Hacker!

nice 10 Awesome Tricks with magnets *Chink* *Clink again* *Loud bang* *Matches’ Flame hissing* *Matches’ Flame hissing again* *The small steel balls in the person’s right hand making a crinkling noise* *The small steel balls making a slapping sound when drawn together* *Continued noises when being slapped against the other magnet* *The sound of the…

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Balancing Matchstick Trick

Good morning my friends! I’m back today with a cool little trick that traces back to my childhood. Now a lot of you have probably seen this done before, I’m doing this video for those of you who haven’t. It’s really simple , it’s really fun, and honestly it’s something you can go try right…

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Trying TOP SIBLING PRANKS! Trick Your Sisters and Brothers Funny DIY Pranks by 123 GO!

– Hey guys, how ya doin’? My name is Robbie and today I got my buddy Hair Jordan stayin’ with me today. He’s gonna be hangin’ out at my house, so I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to play some pranks on him. I pulled some last time that he stayed over,…

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14 Incredible Edible EGG Tricks!

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