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Visual Illusions: Why You See Things That Aren’t There

So, you know when cartoon characters bump their head and then there’s, like, stars start whirling around them? Well, there’s actually some truth to that: if you bump your head hard enough, you might actually see little flickering lights in your eyes. These flickers are an example of what’s known as an entoptic phenomenon, where…

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What is Reality? | Space News

Welcome to Space News from the Electric Universe, brought to you by The Thunderbolts Project™ at Thunderbolts.info The following presentation is an adaptation of the Mel Acheson picture of the day article, “Really?” The link to the article may be found in the description box of this video. What’s reality? For science, for the past…

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Light Margarine: Das Geschäft mit der Gesundheit! | Tricks der Lebensmittelindustrie

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Can You Solve This Shadow Illusion?

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The Story of Archbishop Benedictus [Lore]

hello everyone! Seeking to live a holy life, a life guided by the virtues of honor and justice is a noble goal, however for some, like archbishop benedictus, it is harder than it seems. In times of hardship and pain dedication to this purpose can seem misplaced, and we have seen that once ardent believers…

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all right today we are going to take a look at 3d optical illusion lights from LE3D these 3d optical illusion lights are operated by a USB plug these LED lamps are great for kids rooms but they’re also great for adults they are a great conversation piece these are just three of the many…

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Jordy here for cinecom.net and welcome to Creative Tuesday. Last night was Halloween, so most of us where out for some trick or treat. We, on the other hand, were spending our evening making a short horror scene. Everything was written, prepared and shot yesterday. We had to be very quick with everything, but that…

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Time Is But a Stubborn Illusion – Sneak Peek | Genius

What is time? A deceptively simple question, yet it is the key to understanding relativity. It is sort of the reason my hair is going gray. [laughter] When we describe motion, we do so as a function of time, 10 meters per second, 100 miles per hour. But the mathematical description of velocity is moot…

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#4 Blender Add-on Review: Flares Wizard

I feel like J J Abrams. Jokes aside! Flares Wizard is an addon for Blender that can be used to add realistic lens flares to your 3d scenes. It is not a post pro effect. The addon works in a way, that you can preview the lens flares in your 3d viewport in rendering mode….

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Optical illusions show how we see | Beau Lotto

I want to start with a game. Okay? And to win this game, all you have to do is see the reality that’s in front of you as it really is, all right? So we have two panels here, of colored dots. And one of those dots is the same in the two panels. And…

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