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Surprising People with real-life illusions and magic tricks.

– So a lot of people around the world right now are at home, and I thought it’d be fun to join them on video chat, and pull off a few illusions for ’em. So let’s get into position. All right, let’s go. What’s up? – Hi! – [Woman] Can you say hi? – Hi….

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Performing Close Up Magic Surrounded By 10,000! Magic: Impossible!

Oh look, a message… Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to perform close-up magic for 20,000 eyeballs completely surrounded and to get a reaction like this… This message will self-destruct And I need your help Subscribe to the channel, and like this video, let’s go! “Me and the Magic Man went for…

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Funny Comedy Magic Stand Up 2014 Live

la la la ,la la la , la la la ho oh ohhhh … dove, dove from a silk hankerchife , dove (bird noise) dove from a silk handkerchief dove … dove, DOVE ladies and gentlemen (laughter and clapping) … i’m only joking it’s imperial leather but you get the idea don’t you … now…

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My Favorite Magician – Magic Tricks with Ian

I have been blessed in my career to have some people appreciate what I do on stage and follow me. I’ve been doing this for a long time. Those people we in the entertainment industry affectionately call fans, and to all of my fans throughout the years I want you to know how much I…

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Watch This Magician Give Rach CHILLS With His Wild Magic Trick

Alright, so we literally do not know anything that’s about to happen. Yeah, well. That’s the story of your life, the whole show. It really is. That is, that’s my show. But we did give everyone one of these pieces of paper. Everyone, go ahead and take out the pieces of paper that you should…

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Amazing Card Manipulation Magic from Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde!

Today I’m going to share with you some footage from years ago. A young Derek Selinger, performing on French TV his card act. And I’m going to tell you why I have never released this footage before. “Me and the Magic Man went for a long drive.” So many years ago I had just won…

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– So there’s rules to this game, okay? Me and you are gonna play. Rule number one, you get to have any string you want, one at a time. The second rule is, whatever string you decide to take, you have to pull hard. So I’ll put this in my mouth and we’ll start. –…

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The FUNNIEST Prank for Magicians!!

(clap) Sorry! (girls screaming and laughing) – I have a blank playing card, and I’m gonna write something on it. He doesn’t know what’s on the blank playing card and his challenge is, he has to force it on a spectator without knowing what’s written on it. Alex is gonna, Alex is gonna show you…

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