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‘Average Andy’ with the ‘Magic Mike Live’ Dancers

Now, let’s talk about something that people can’t get enough of Magic Mike.>>[APPLAUSE] >>Magic Mike, so we had some dancers on the show recently. We are still cleaning baby oil off the furniture.>>[LAUGH] >>And they’re starting a new live show in Vegas. And we had some of the world-class dancers teach my very average executive…

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The Magic of Live Streaming with PTZ Cameras

hi guys I’m Peter Nardi and I’m Dave loosely and we’re here from Alakazam co uk I started the business around about 25 years ago and alakazam magic we produce magic we consult for TV shows we invent magic and most importantly we sell magic and we sell magic over the internet we love technology…

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Magic Trick You Have to Watch Twice

♫ It’s such a fun Magic Monday ♫ for you! (playful guitar music) – [Christopher] Hey everybody! Welcome to Magic Monday where every Monday I show you a magic trick. Today I’m here with Rebecca and Matt. And we are literally just about to go on stage for the Miranda Camp. – [Rebecca] Minutes away….

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Channing Tatum’s ‘Magic Mike’ Surprise

I received a letter from a young man. I want to share it with you. Dear Ellen, my fiance, Lia, is one heck of a gal. She works in social services and helps others every day. When I say she has the biggest heart, I’m talking huge. She is the most amazing person I’ve ever…

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