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Inside The Magic Castle, Hollywood’s Most Secret Club

Joe Avella: The Magic Castle is an exclusive club run by the Academy of Magical Arts, but only their members and guests are allowed in. Founded in 1963, The Magic Castle looms over Hollywood. It’s pretty hard to miss. I’ve been curious about The Magic Castle since I moved here, and, doing research, turns out…

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Frightmare – Magic Castle Halloween Week 2013

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See magician Franco Pascali show off a spooky trick

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Now Apocalypse | Official Trailer | STARZ Original Series

I’ve always had an attraction toward the unknown. I find myself in situations where I can barely breathe. It’s like we’re on the brink of total annihilation. Hey don’t you ever get bizarre premonitions? Maybe smoke a smidge less pot before bedtime? I’m Ulysses. Everyone in my life right now is insane. I’ve been camming…

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The Magicians of Los Angeles’ Magic Castle || Job Goals

I have the coolest job on the planet. You want to know why? Open sesame. I get that question a lot: “Are you a magician?” And, unfortunately, I am not. However, my typical answer is, “I make deficits disappear,” and that usually gets a laugh. The first time I visited the Magic Castle was back…

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The Magic of Making Sound

(soft whimsical music) (quiet pattering) – [Narrator] In Hollywood, everything is magic and make-believe… – [Woman] Gloves with paper clips are dog paws. – [Narrator] Even what you hear. – We are storytellers with sound. Over here we have a feather duster we use for bird– (feathers fluttering) bird wings. We bring sound into the…

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